Acer XB270HU Review

By June 2, 2016Gaming
Acer XB270HU

#2 Acer XB270HU

#2 Acer XB270HU

Screen Size




Refresh Rate


Response Time


The Good

  • Screen
  • Refresh Rate
  • Legacy Support
  • Boosting
  • Mount

The Bad

  • None

IPS Screen:With a 27-inch IPS screen, the ACER XB270HU looks good at any angle and provides a clear picture in any light level. No need to worry about drawing the shades or turning off your lamp; this monitor will consistently deliver clear visuals.
Refresh Rate: This unit has a refresh rate of 144Hz, nearly double the current standard. Games with unlocked frame rates such as World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike GO will be able to run buttery-smooth, increasing responsiveness and giving you a leg up on the competition!
Legacy Support: For computers with video graphics cards that don’t feature G-Sync capabilities, this monitor has the ability to run at an ultra-low motion blur mode, which prevents ghosting and excessive power consumption, while also delivering higher than standard refresh rates.
Boosting: With enhanced refresh rates and numerous GPU synchronization features, games where you may see frame rates of around 40 can get boosted to 60, all without modifying any of your computer hardware.
Mount: The stand for this display can be easily manipulated to accommodate a variety of setups. Portrait and landscape are available, as well as a very fluid height modifier.

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