Adamant Mini Media Station Review

By October 3, 2016Gaming
Processor: This computer contains an Intel Core i7-6700k processor, one of the most powerful processors on the market. It can run up to twice as fast as many older Intel CPUs, and its hyperthreading capability makes it terrific for multitasking.
Design: The unconventional box shape of this machine serves a few purposes ideal for gamers. The extra room means plenty of airflow, and it makes applying upgrades or managing cables a breeze.
Memory: Unlike many of the gaming PCs on this list, the RAM in this box is DDR4. This is significantly faster than the current standard of DDR3, and it means you get much more power out of the same size memory sticks.
Storage: With 250 gigs of solid state storage, any programs you install on it will have significantly shorter loading times. And if 250 gigs aren’t enough for you, there are plenty of open spots for adding extra drives.
Graphics: There is some very strong hardware inside this machine, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase a dedicated graphics card in order to play any graphically intensive games on this machine, because it doesn’t come with one.

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