Akdy Wc0021 Review

By September 19, 2016Kitchen


Display: The AKDY WC0021 cooler has a luxury feel with its LED display electronic touchpad. The touchpad ensures you have precise temperature setting ability for the top and bottom coolers.
Temperature Consistency: Due to the wooden shelving with increased internal spacing between each, this cooler benefits from a consistent temperature throughout – this is one of the best wine fridges you can buy.
Noise: Thanks to its thermoelectric fan cooling system, the noise output is greatly reduced and unobtrusive. You won’t notice this model in your kitchen, until you need a drink.
Storage: This wine cooler can store an absurd 21 bottles of wine at a time. With this product, you’ll never run out of space for your bottles.
Shelving: The outer cabinet has a high-end feel, but the lightweight wooden shelving makes the interior seem as though the quality has been compromised.
Electronics: As the cooler ages and with constant use the LED display has been known to flicker. The flicker is increased when you are looking to reset the temperatures.


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