Price: $73.99
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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Assembled without BPA and DEHP
  • Adjustable speed and suction
  • Includes dual hygiene-kit milk collection system
  • Includes carry-all tote
Added Customization: Milk flow and comfort are increased because of the fully independent suction and speed settings this device incorporates into its design.
Increased Hygiene: This device uses a sealed Airlock Protection system to prevent bacteria or mold from forming.
Added Portability: A carrying case and bottle cooler are included with this unit. This pump is designed to be portable and lightweight.
Nipple Shields: Consumers have stated discomfort and sore nipples after extended use. It may be necessary to purchase larger size cups for some users.
Noise: This device can create a two-part noise when in operation. A grind and beep are audible during operation.