American Heritage Billiards Monarch Review

By June 1, 2016Toys and Games


Superior Look: If you want a impressive-looking hockey table that’ll turn your recreation area into an oasis, this is it. American Heritage brought their expertise in making handcrafted, high-grade billiards tables to design this incredibly beautiful air hockey table, which is extremely sturdy and reliable. It’s not just a piece of furniture, it’s a piece of furniture on which a precision game is played.
Reliability: Made from cherry wood and solid aluminum, this table will withstand the test of time. The design is as sleek and smooth as the gameplay and its construction is unmatched.
Size: This table is big and spacious: it’s regulation size and is an authentic tournament-grade air hockey table top.
Overhead Scoreboard: The scoreboard is an overhead arch that connects above the table, similar to a jumbotron at an arena. The scoreboard doesn’t have to be turned on while playing and there’s supplementary manual scorers on each side of the table.
Versatility: The only real flaw of this table is the absence of leg levelers, meaning it must be placed on an even surface. Coupled with its weight of 250 pounds, this makes the American Heritage Monarch less versatile than some of its competitors.


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