Apple Macbook Pro Md102Ll/A Review

By September 26, 2016Electronics


Hard Drive: Despite being roughly as big as a netbook, the internals are significantly more impressive. Case in point: the built in hard drive contains 750 gigs of stable, reliable storage.
Construction: This is a dense laptop, taking the form of a brick. This means it can take a few dings without any issues, so don’t be afraid to take this machine on the go.
Battery: Another perk to this Macbook, and another aspect that makes it such an ideal portable machine, is the powerful internal battery. Fully charged, this can run off the charger for 7 hours on average!
Graphics: Some corners will inevitably get cut when designing a laptop this small and thin. For this model, the part that suffers most from the transition is the graphics card, now replaced by an integrated graphics processor in the CPU.
Screen: Unfortunately, this is a smaller device than the other Macbook on this list, and the screen is much smaller. It’s still functional, but some users may want to get a second monitor; perhaps an Apple Retina Display?

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