Aquasana Whole House Water Filtration System Review

By September 29, 2016Home
Price: $829.00
1 new from $829.001 used from $899.00
  • One million gallons or 10 years - high-performance water filtration for healthy water in your entire home. No draining, back flushing, or water waste
  • System includes filtration tank, 20" pre-filter, post-filter, brass fittings, bend supports, and shut-off valves - Fittings for 0.75" pipe
  • Removes 97% of chlorine - great-tasting water from every tap in your home. Reduces other contaminants like lead, mercury, pesticides and more
  • Healthier skin and hair - reduce your body's exposure to harsh chlorine and synthetic chemicals that can cause damage and excessive drying
  • Breathe Easy - Chlorine can evaporate in shower steam. Improve your indoor air quality with cleaner, healthier air
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
Large Capacity: If you have significant needs, this filter yields 1,000,000 gallons of clean water before replacement.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Thanks to a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 10-year warranty, you’ll be all set with this product.
Nsf Standards: This filter exceeds any existing standards by removing 97% of chlorine for the life of the filter.
Filters: With three filters, this model is going to make sure that clogs are minimized and satisfaction is maximized.
Plumber Recommended: Installation can be tricky on this model, as some plumbing knowledge is required.

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