Aroma Nutriware 6-Tray Review

By September 18, 2016Kitchen
Aroma Nutriware 6 Tray Digital Dehydrator Stainless Steel Trays, White
Price: $171.58
9 new from $171.581 used from $165.29
  • Clear Front View Panel, Digital LED Display
  • Digital control for precise temperature setting Temperature Range 8 Settings from 95 F - 158 F
  • Timer setting to get desired accurate dehydrating time Timer Range 0:30 Minutes to 19:30 Hours,
  • Cool Touch White Plastic Housing with Rear Fan
  • 6 Removable Stainless Steel Drying Trays and 6 Mesh Sheets to Hold Small items
Warranty: This product features a five year warranty, which is quite impressive when compared to similar products of this size.
Lightweight: The plastic exterior allows this product to be extremely lightweight, which makes it rather easy to move and store after use.
Cool-Touch: The exterior is designed from a cool-touch white plastic housing. This feature helps not only to protect you from burns, but also to keep your kitchen cool.
Bpa-Free: The BPA-free plastic exterior makes this product safer; with less chemicals used, this material won’t make your food smell or taste like plastic.
Low-Power: Some customers noted that the level of power was less-than advertised. The lack of power makes for longer dehydration time.

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