ASUS ROG G701VO-CS74K Review

By July 8, 2016Gaming

Storage: Many high-end gaming laptops attempt to reach a balance between storage space and speed by supplementing a larger hard drive with a smaller solid state drive, or SSD. This machine cuts right to the chase, offering customers a full terabyte of screaming fast SSD storage, great for gaming and rendering.
Memory: No need to upgrade the RAM on this machine any time soon! While many machines in this price range come with 8GB of RAM, this machine has an unheard-of 64GB of DDR4 memory. Dedicated servers, mining cryptocurrencies, video and audio rendering: these can all be performed by this machine.
Screen Size: The IPS display for this laptop is about 17.3 inches, significantly larger than what many are accustomed to for laptop displays. This makes it ideal for playing modern games with cutting-edge graphics, or simply relaxing with a movie.
Graphics: In addition to having ample storage and memory, the graphics card built into this laptop is extremely powerful, having 8GB of memory dedicated specifically to rendering. Enjoy modern games on high to ultra settings, as well as VR support.
Optical Drive: This is basically icing on the cake at this point, but many customers will certainly appreciate the Blu-Ray drive included with this model. This makes it possible to read and write Blu-Rays on your laptop.
Power Consumption: The downside to this laptop’s impressive components is the amount of power it needs to draw in order to run. The power brick has a roughly 20V output, and is sure to greatly increase your power bill.

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