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  • Bluetooth wireless technology with mic and music and volume controls built into the ear cup for answering/ending calls, controlling music & video playback and controlling volume on Bluetooth wireless devices
  • Pairs with up to eight Bluetooth wireless devices
  • Double Air Chamber System naturally expands bass output for powerful bass without sacrificing audio clarity
  • Large 53 mm drivers for outstanding sound quality
  • Built-in, high-quality headphone amplifier ensures clear and accurate sound reproduction from the wireless signal
Aesthetics: Though it’s a simple black design, these are a sleek pair of bluetooth over ear headphones for people who care what they look like when commuting or walking around town.
Fit: These headphones were designed with comfort in mind. Though they aren’t the lightest, they are snug and warm despite not weighing too much.
Sound: The Double Air Chamber System naturally expands, giving you amazing sound and bass output without sacrificing clarity.
Device Pairing: Some customers complained that it doesn’t pair with multiple devices easily, as many errors were reported.
Battery Life: While it’s not going to shut off in the middle of a commute, the battery life for these headphones is many hours fewer than the top brands.



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