Price: $89.99
21 new from $89.996 used from $101.76
  • 12 bottles total
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System
  • Curved Glass Door
  • Compact and Lightweight
Internal Layout: The Avanti EWC120’s innovative and forward-thinking design allows for standing or vertical storage of up to four open bottles of wine and enough room for up to 12 total bottles.
Vibration: Its thermoelectric fan cooling system not only reduces noise, but also eliminates vibration. With no vibration, your sediment will not disturbed.
Lighting: The subtle and attractive internal light has a 10 minute default shut off, so if you forget to turn the light off, it will do the job for you and save energy.
Slimline Design: This model’s slimline and sleek design means it fits perfectly into even the smallest kitchen corners and space-saving areas.
Lighting: The internal light will not automatically turn on as the door is opened, the light has to be manually switched on.


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