These are the top five best gaming chairs on the market, chosen from dozens of models.

5. X-Rocker 5171101

Price: $115.29
You save: $18.65 (14 %)
8 new from $115.294 used from $80.08
  • Two speakers and a subwoofer use AFM Technology for a total 2.1 sound immersion experience
  • Built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA outputs; optional RCA cables included
  • Racing-inspired black and white checkered style looks cool in any room
  • Separate controls for volume and base allow control over your sound experience
  • Great for mobile gaming, listening to music, watching TV, reading, and relaxing

The X Rocker 5171101 is a terrific chair for gaming on home consoles connected to a TV. It supports all current gen consoles, as well as older machines like the Xbox 360 and Wii. Additionally, it has a rocking chair design and built-in speakers to enhance the overall experience. With all of its available features, this is one of the best Xbox 360 gaming chairs available to consumers.

While built-in speakers aren’t exactly a rarity among gaming chairs, this model’s wireless transmission capability and its subwoofer are particularly impressive. The wireless capability makes it easier to connect to your gaming apparatus, and the subwoofer enhances the overall sound range. The result is a very user-friendly and comfy chair that will meet any individual’s gaming needs. The X Rocker is a great addition for gamers who want to add a level of immersion to their gameplay.


4. Serta Rocket

Price: $209.99
1 new from $209.990 used
  • Easily converts from chair to chaise to flat position in seconds
  • Cover is Tufted in Polyester wrap
  • Casual low seating
  • Non Removable Cover
  • Ships assembled

The design of the Serta Rocket is a bit different from our other picks: it has two folding hinges, allowing it to contort into a variety of shapes, and it resembles a futon more than it does a standard rocker, making it one of the top gaming chairs on the market.

Its innovative design, coupled with its high-quality construction, provide an unmatched gaming experience. Serta is known for their mattresses, and it seems their prior experience has influenced the comfort of this chair’s cushioning. Additionally, customers can choose from a few different colors, a luxury many gaming chairs don’t offer. The Serta Rocket is a unique chair that’s sure to enhance your battlestation.


3. Big Joe Dorm Chair

Price: $34.00
33 new from $34.0020 used from $35.81
  • Tough, stain resistant, easily cleaned with damp cloth, and waterproof smartmax ballistic fabric
  • Filled with ultimax beans that conform to you, not the other way around. newer, smaller, and 20-Percent denser ultimax beans
  • Double stitched and double zippers for added strength and safety
  • Available in assorted colors

College is an institution of higher learning, but quite a bit of play is also encouraged along with rigorous studying in order to facilitate the process of self-discovery. The Big Joe Dorm Chair, designed for college dorms, is a reflection of that ethos: the tightly packed balls in this chair provide impressive comfort, cushion and flexibility in order to form a shape unique to each user – this is the best gaming chair for the money available to consumers.

This model is also highly resilient to tearing or staining, two likely scenarios in any college dorm. However, in the rare case that this chair sustains damage, the manufacturer offers a very generous warranty. They’ll also sell the packing material separately, so customers that experience spills or who simply want additional cushioning can take matters into their own hands. At just four pounds, this model is the lightest of all our picks for best chair for gaming. If you’re looking for a premium chair, then the Big Joe Dorm Chair will certainly meet your needs.


2. Cohesion XP 2.1

Price: $62.47
2 new from $62.471 used from $50.95
  • Gaming chair; made to be used while you're playing video games
  • Has two wired receiver audio speakers built into the chair
  • Also equipped with volume control and in/out headphone jacks
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards

The primary appeal of the Cohesion XP 2.1 is its convenience factor, making it one of the best gaming chairs on the market. At just 19 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight and folds into a compact shape, providing ultimate mobility and transportation. It also has audio functionality: featuring two speakers and a headphone jack.

Despite having a low profile, this is still a remarkably sturdy chair. Customers shouldn’t worry about this model being too fragile because of its size. On the contrary, the smaller size and fewer moving parts make this a very resilient chair, ideal for younger gamers who may have a tendency for rowdiness. WIth the Cohesion XP 2.1, you’ll get a comfortable, reliable model that’ll put you right in the action.


1. Gioteck RC-3

Price: $249.95
1 new from $249.950 used
  • PC
  • Xbox and Xbox One
  • MAC
  • Durable unit.
  • PS 3 and 4

Here it is: the best gaming chair money can buy. The Gioteck RC-3’s exterior is coated with a comfortable and heat-absorbent leather, it has high-quality built-in speakers, and provides full compatibility with gaming consoles current and previous gen, not to mention gaming PCs. Not only is this our top overall pick, but it’s the best PS4 gaming chair as well.

In addition to these features, the overall design of this product is quite functional: it’s very portable and can be folded for convenient storage. It also offers great back support and a superior gaming experience, meant to enhance every aspect of your extended playing sessions. This model shows up in gaming chair reviews over and over again for a reason – it’s practical, has a great design and provides unmatched comfort and connectivity.

Gaming Chairs Reviews & Comparisons

BEST GAMING CHAIR  Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair  Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio Big Joe Dorm Chair Serta Rocket Adjustable Gaming Chair  X Rocker 5171101 Drift Wireless 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair
MODELS Gioteck RC-3 Cohesion XP 2.1 Big Joe Dorm Chair Serta Rocket X Rocker 5171101






PRICE $ $62.47 $45.99 $209.99 $115.29
X-FACTOR infoiconnoun  High-end construction material Conveniently low-profile Big and durable Highly adjustable Terrific sound range
MOBILITY None Rocker Beanbag Wheels Rocker
MATERIAL Leather Padded cloth Ballistic fabric Polyester Mesh fabric
WEIGHT (lbs.) 20 lbs. 19 lbs. 4 lbs. 20 lbs. 29.5 lbs.
ADJUSTABLE FEATURES Inputs, Foldable Audio, Rocker Cup holder, Pouch Two Foldable Hinges Rocker
WARRANTY 30-day 90 to 120-day 3 mo. to 1-year 1-year 90-day
BUILT-IN SPEAKERS YesMark YesMark NoMark NoMark YesMark
AMAZON PRIME YesMark NoMark NoMark YesMark NoMark
LEARN MORE Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review

Best Overall Gaming Chair

“I ordered this for my roomie for christmas. He just … LOVES.. it. He uses it daily. ” -Verified Amazon Customer

Price: $249.95
1 new from $249.950 used
  • PC
  • Xbox and Xbox One
  • MAC
  • Durable unit.
  • PS 3 and 4

Best Gaming Chair For The Money

“It is a tough, comfortable, easy to clean chair. My 2 and 5 year old boys love them and have been jumping on them for weeks with no tears.” – Verified Amazon Customer

Price: $34.00
33 new from $34.0020 used from $35.81
  • Tough, stain resistant, easily cleaned with damp cloth, and waterproof smartmax ballistic fabric
  • Filled with ultimax beans that conform to you, not the other way around. newer, smaller, and 20-Percent denser ultimax beans
  • Double stitched and double zippers for added strength and safety
  • Available in assorted colors

Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best chair for gaming for your needs. Here is a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they’ll relate to your gaming experience.

Ergonomics: The main reason to get a gaming chair is to cut down on back pain and shoulder aches that usually become a problem after sitting for long periods of time. The most convenient reason to buy a good gaming chair is its ergonomic design.

Inputs: A few of the chairs on this list have built-in speakers, or a jack designed to plug in headphones. These can provide an enhanced audio experience when playing games, but it’s important to make sure that these chairs have the correct inputs. If the chair has RCA inputs for example, and your TV or console only has HDMI, you’ll need to find a different chair or simply use this chair without the extra audio functionality.

Mobility: Gamers can experience discomfort and muscle strain after only a few hours of sedentary gaming. Many of these chairs are designed to offer some form of mobility while using them; this way, gamers using these chairs will keep their blood flowing and prevent any significant bodily harm. Despite being healthier than a standard computer chair, it’s still recommended that gamers take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch.

Warranty: Though all the chairs on this list are reliable and guaranteed to work as advertised, there are rare instances when they can sustain damage, either in transit or during use. When this happens, all these manufacturers offer direct warranties. The coverage varies from product to product, and a few offer extended warranties for a bit extra cost, so don’t fret if your new chair gets torn, or one of the speakers stops working.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the best gamer chair for you!


Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs

Ranking Gaming Chairs Best Feature
#1 Gioteck RC-3 High-Quality Material
#2 Cohesion XP 2.1 Compact Design
#3 Big Joe Dorm Chair Spacious and Durable
#4 Serta Rocket Adjustable
#5 X Rocker 5171101 Sound Quality