These are the top five best Inflatable Sups on the market, chosen from Dozens of models.

#5 –  Pathfinder Inflatable Sup BestValueLRG

Price: $349.00 - $349.00
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  • Measures 9'9", 5" thick. Portable and easy to store.
  • Great for wide range of water and use conditions.
  • Amazing Durability - PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch.
  • Large deck pad, bungee for securing on-board cargo, and D-ring to attach a leash.
  • Includes: Adjustable aluminum paddle, pump, detachable center fin, carry bag (with shoulder straps), and valve wrench.

The PathFinder is constructed from durable PVC that utilizes a multi-layer drop-stitch pattern that’s usually only found on boards that are almost twice the price. This durability is especially important considering the versatility of this board, which will allow for a variety of environments such as lakes, bays and rivers (no need to worry about riverstones puncturing this board!).

It’s too bad it’s not thicker, to help with flotation and allow for a higher than its 200 pound weight capacity. However, for the money, it’s hard to beat the PathFinder, and you’re bound to be upright and smiling for most of your time with this product.

#4 –  Isle Airtech

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  • AIRTECH CONSTRUCTION - 10' x 31" x 6" | Board Weight 17.5 Lbs. | Supports riders up to 240 lbs.
  • ALL AROUND DESIGN - Ultimate stability in flatwater and small waves | Great for all skill levels
  • ULTRA DURABLE - Constructed with Military Grade PVC | 6" thick - No more dings or damage
  • INCLUDES iSUP ACCESSORY BUNDLE - Paddle, Carry backpack, High pressure pump
  • 30 DAY GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS - Risk free returns within 30 days

The Isle Airtech is a durable inflatable SUP with an excellent cargo system that makes access to supplies extremely convenient. This paddle board has perfect dimensions for all-purpose use and lends itself well to rivers and steep-graded beaches and bays with its front-placed carry handle. Pulling this out of the water and onto dry land is much easier because of it.

Overall, you’re going to be set with the Isle Airtech, a reputable company with an excellent inflatable stand up paddleboard.

#3 – Ten Toes The Weekender

The Weekender inflatable SUP is a beautifully designed board with and extra soft deck pad, allowing for long-lasting comfort and use. Despite this extremely good looking board with such a soft top, The Weekender is nigh indestructible thanks to its military-grade materials and construction. You can run over this paddle board with your car and do absolutely no damage.

The Weekender is a perfect paddle board for those who may bear resemblance to its name, as the weekend warrior is sure to find this product to be a perfect fit. This inflatable stand up paddle board is an all-purpose beautiful warrior.

#2 – iRocker Paddle Board

iRocker Paddle Board 11' (6" Thick) Inflatable SUP Package | 2 YR Warranty | #1 in Durability | Triple Layer Military Grade PVC | Includes Backpack + Travel Paddle
Price: $639.20 - $799.00
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  • EXTREMELY RIGID iROCKER INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD: Weight Limit of up to 385 lbs. Similar to a hard board when fully inflated to 15 PSI but only half the weight. Super Durable, no longer a need to worry about damaging your board when banging against debris while on the water. Get rid of the roof racks and save on gas money when traveling to your favorite paddle boarding spot. Portability doesn't get any better than being able to pack your SUP in a bag and throwing it in the trunk of your car.
  • HIGH QUALITY ADJUSTABLE ALUMINUM PADDLE: Designed to be the highest quality aluminum paddle on the market. Go ahead and drop your paddle in the water because the paddle also floats. Simply reach down in the water and pick the paddle up from the top of the water. Also designed to easily be converted to a kayak paddle with a blade on each end with the purchase of an optional kayak blade, sold separately. Breaks down into 3 separate pieces in order to easily fit into your provided bag.
  • THE ULTRA LIGHT 37 oz. DUAL ACTION HIGH CAPACITY HAND PUMP by IROCKER: The dual action high capacity hand pump makes inflating your paddle board a breeze. Switching from dual action to single action makes the pump much more efficient than the standard single action hand pumps. Use the dual action mode to push air into the board on the up and down stroke when pumping. Switch to single action when the PSI begins to increase to make pumping much easier at high pressure.
  • BACK PACK CARRY BAG by iROCKER: No need to worry about how you are going to carry your board from the car to the water to begin your SUP adventure. Your iRocker SUP and all the accessories will fit into the provided back pack with ease, there's even room to spare for extra gear. Whether you have a hike to your favorite water hole or just carrying your gear from the car to the beach, throw the bag on your back and head out for a day on the water.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Purchase an inflatable paddle board with confidence. You're covered on everything outside of normal wear and tear. iRocker offers only the highest quality inflatable paddle boards constructed of the highest quality materials. We stand behind our products 100%. There is no need to worry about buying a sub par product made of low quality materials which is why you receive a 2 year warranty. You can expect the iROCKER SUP to outlast the rest.

The iRocker crosses off all of the necessary items needed for a great inflatable SUP. It’s durability can’t be questioned, utilizing military-grade materials and construction. The dimensions are perfect for stability and maneuverability, which is enhanced by its quality integrated side fins and detachable large center fin.

Its weight capacity allows for larger people to enjoy stand up paddle boarding and makes it easy to bring small children or pets along for the journey. This is a great choice for someone who wants quality and versatility out of their inflatable SUP.

#1 – Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2

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  • PACKAGE DEAL: New design includes front bungee, carrying handles on the nose and tail plus a 3 piece fiberglass paddle, fin and pump
  • PORTABLE - Easy to store and transport
  • EXTREMELY RIGID - Weight limit of up to 350 lbs on the water. When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY - 2-year manufacturers warranty which covers everything outside of normal wear & tear
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Never worry again about dings and board cracks

Tower’s Adventurer 2 inflatable SUP is most often the number one reviewed board for a reason, as it’s the best inflatable SUP you can buy. The Adventurer 2 features the highest weight capacity for a board of this size; a 400 pound capacity allows almost anyone to enjoy paddleboarding. It also makes it possible to bring tons of supplies, kids and/or pets.

The dimensions of this board are the perfect combination for maneuverability and stability. Smart placement in the middle, front and back for carry handles make it easier to haul this board in and out of water than the competition. Inflatable SUPs have become so good of late that it’s hard to pick from the pack, as many are excellent, but only the Tower Adventurer 2 gets everything right without sacrificing anything.

Inflatable Sup Reviews & Comparisons

INFLATABLE SUPS TopPickLRGtower-paddle-boards-adventurer-2 irocker-paddle-board ten-toes-the-weekender white imageisle-airtech BestValueLRGpathfinder-inflatable-sup
MODELS  Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2  iRocker Paddle Board  Ten Toes The Weekender  Isle Airtech  Pathfinder Inflatable Sup






639.20 - 799.00
349.00 - 349.00
X-FACTOR 400 Lb Capacity Extremely Rigid. Military-Grade Construction. Only 17.5 Lbs Quick Inflation Time.
6 Inches 6 Inches 6 Inches 6 Inches 5 Inches
WEIGHT CAPACITY 400 Lbs 385 Lbs 275 Lbs 240 Lbs 200 Lbs
23 15 15 15 15
CARRY HANDLES Nose, Middle, Tail Middle Middle Nose, Middle Midle
10’4″ X 32″ 11′ X 30″ 10′ X 30″ 10′ X 30″ 9’9″ X 30″
INFLATION TIME 4-7 Minutes 5-7 Minutes 4-6 Minutes 4-5 Minutes 4-5 Minutes
26 Lbs 30 Lbs 29 Lbs 17.5 Lbs 22 Lbs
2+1 2+1 2+1 2+1 Single
CARGO SYSTEM Front 4 D-Ring Front 4 D-Ring Front 4 D-Ring Middle 4 D-Ring Middle 4 D-Ring
WARRANTY LENGTH 2 Year 2 Year 1 Year 2 Year None
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
LEARN MORE Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review


Inflatable Sups Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best inflatable SUP for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your best inflatable SUP experience.

Psi: This is the amount of pressure measured as Pound per Square Inch. The higher the PSI, the more rigid the board will be, allowing for a better glide in the water.

Fin Configuration: There are three usual configurations for SUPs: Single Large Center Fin, Two Medium Side Fins or 2+1, which is a combination of the two with smaller than normal side fins. 2+1 offers the best stability of the three without sacrificing maneuverability.

Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass Paddle: Fiberglass is by and large, the superior material for a paddle both for durability and its ability to float.

Dimensions: For general purposes and beginners, the bigger the board the better. Boards under 30” wide are easier to tip and are less stable than wider boards. Same goes for boards 9’ and under.

Thickness: Inflatable boards that are under six inches in thickness will have considerably less buoyancy.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Inflatable Sup!

Top 5 Best Inflatable Sups

Ranking Inflatable Sup Best Feature
#1 Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 400 Lb Capacity
#2 iRocker Paddle Board Extremely Rigid.
#3 Ten Toes The Weekender Military-Grade Construction.
#4 Isle Airtech Only 17.5 Lbs
#5 Pathfinder Inflatable Sup Quick Inflation Time.


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