These are the top five best Stainless Steel Cookwares on the market, chosen from Hundreds of models.

#5 – Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set BestValueLRG

Price: $48.99
You save: $1.18 (2 %)
8 new from $48.990 used
  • Mirror polished stainless steel, inside and outside, capsulated bottom for even heat distribution
  • Suitable for all cooking source electric and gas stove or glass and ceramic
  • Capsuled bottom with aluminum disc inside for even heating
  • Stainless handle rivet to body provide durability
  • Tempered glass lid to clear view while cooking

The Cook N Home Stainless Steel Set is one of the best stainless steel cookware sets on the market. The reason being is that they’re priced incredibly well while also offering a great selection of twelve cookware pieces. The best stainless steel pots and pans have an aluminum core that helps distribute heat evenly. This set has an aluminum disc embedded at the bottom of each piece, drastically boosting cooking performance. The Cook N Home set also has glass mirrored lids, so you can see how your food is coming along in real time.

Size and shape of the pots and pans matter a lot, and this set has a variety of them so you can make even the most complex meals at home. The Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set is definitely an example of great stainless steel cookware.

#4 – Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware

Price: $299.95
7 new from $299.950 used
  • Impact-bonded aluminum bases provide fast, even heating. Stainless steel cookware is safe for the stove, oven, broiler, and dishwasher.
  • Long, ergonomic handles provide a secure grip even with full, heavy pans, stay cool even when pan is hot, and are double-riveted by hand.
  • Fill lines make measuring easy, and covers have straining holes that line up with pour spouts to drain liquids without having to use a separate colander.
  • Pots and pans set includes 8-and 10-inch omelette pans, 12-inch omelette pan with lid, 1 1/2-, 2 1/2- and 3 1/2-quart sauce pans with lids, 3-quart saute pan, and 8-quart stock pot with lid.
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

The Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware definitely ups the ante a little bit in our search for the best stainless steel cookware. Included in this hefty set are 14 pieces of fully-functional pots and pans that’ll dazzle you in the kitchen. You’ll be cooking complex meals in no time.

Some of the timesaving features built-in to this set are pretty useful – like the lids that have straining holes for when pots need to be emptied of all liquid. They also come with a full lifetime warranty – but we doubt you’ll need it because this set is so solid. Made of durable stainless steel that’s machine washable, the Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware is definitely one of the best stainless steel cookware sets we’ve reviewed.

#3 – Kitchenaid Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set

KitchenAid Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set, Stainless Steel Finish
Price: --
0 new0 used
  • The 18/0 magnetic stainless steel base stays flat on all cooktop surfaces, including electric, gas, and induction
  • Sturdy, welded handles let you take cookware from stove to table with ease and make cleaning trouble-free
  • Set includes: 8" Skillet, 10" Skillet with Lid, 1.5-Quart Saucepan with Lid, 3.0-Quart Saucepan with Lid, 3.5-Quart Sauté with Lid, 8.0-Quart Stockpot with Lid and a Pasta
  • Domed, tempered glass lids
  • Etched measurement markings make it easy to measure quantities for soup and sauce recipes

What separates one of the best stainless steel cookware sets from the rest of the pack is a thing called triple-ply design. This means that at the bottom of every piece there’s three layers of metal that help heat the pan evenly. This is essential in cooking, and it’s because of this one fact that this set is ranked so high in our stainless steel cookware review.

Some of the other cool features included in the KitchenAid Tri-Ply Set are etched measurement markings for easy measuring while you’re busy cooking. The best stainless steel pots and pans only occasionally have these. It’s also nice that glass lids are included in the set so you can keep an eye on how your food is cooking. The KitchenAid Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set has many pieces, some cool features, and a nice tri-ply design that will aid you in your culinary endeavours exponentially moving forward.

#2 – All-Clad 401488R Stainless Steel

Price: $639.00
20 new from $639.001 used from $568.00
  • 10-piece cookware set includes 8 inch and 10 inch fry pans, 2 quart and 3 quart sauce pans with lids, 3 quart sauté pan with lid, and 8 quart stockpot with lid
  • 3-ply bonded construction consists of durable stainless steel encapsulating an aluminum core for even heating throughout
  • Highly polished cooking surface with starburst finish offers stick resistance and easy maintenance, plus won't react with food
  • Contoured stainless-steel handles permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets; capacity etched on base; flat stainless-steel lids
  • Oven- and broiler-safe up to 600 degrees F (without lids); induction compatible; limited lifetime warranty; Made in USA

Having food stick to the pan is one of the worst aspects of cooking at home; nothing is more of a buzzkill in the kitchen. Luckily for this All-Clad set, it has a stick-resistant cooking surface and a three-ply bonded construction for even heating across the bottom surface. This means that you can cook without having to worry about food sticking to the bottom, leaving more time for you to enjoy the process of cooking amazing food.

Because of these two features, the All-Clad set is definitely one of the best stainless steel cookware sets. The problem with stainless steel cookware in the first place is that food sticks easily to the bottom, but not with this set. It’s compatible with all stovetops, is dishwasher safe, and has 10 incredible cookware pieces so that you’ll be set for any dinnertime meal. The All-Clad set deserves its spot at number two on our list of best stainless steel cookware.

#1 – Cuisinart Fct-13 French Classic Tri-Ply

Price: $498.95
You save: $0.05 ( %)
3 new from $498.950 used
  • Stainless 13-piece set with aluminum core includes 1-1/2 & 2-1/2-quart covered saucepans and 4-1/2-qt covered dutch oven
  • Set also includes 3-quart covered sauté pan, 8-quart covered stockpot, 24-cm pasta insert and 8- & 10-inch skillets
  • Imported from France
  • Stay-cool stainless handles
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

There are numerous cookware sets vying for the top spot in our countdown, but when the boiling point is reached, and it’s time for the sets to show their true colors, this Cuisinart set stands above the rest. What makes it the best stainless steel cookware set is the French design and ideology.

The triple-ply design makes sure that food is cooked evenly on the bottom. They call it the Heat Surround Technology – a worthy name for this feature. Honestly it’s 13-pieces of excellence, which are flexible enough to help you cook anything. The handles stay cool, and you can throw the pieces in the oven knowing that they’re safe up to 500 degrees. You can’t beat Cuisinart, and it’s by far the best stainless steel cookware set we reviewed.

Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews & Comparisons

STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARES TopPickLRGcuisinart-fct-13-french-classic-tri-ply white imageall-clad-401488r-stainless-steel white imagekitchenaid-tri-ply-stainless-steel-12-piece-se white imagecalphalon-classic-stainless-steel-cookware BestValueLRGcook-n-home-12-piece-stainless-steel-set
MODELS Cuisinart Fct-13 French Classic Tri-Ply All-Clad 401488R Stainless Steel Kitchenaid Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set






X-FACTOR Brand Dependability Stick Resistance 3-Ply Dishwashable Stainless Handle Rivet For Durability
NUMBER OF PIECES 13 Piece 10 Pieces 12 Pieces 14 Piece 12 Piece
# OF FRYING PANS 2 2 2 2 1
LONGEST FRYING PAN LENGTH 10 Inch 10 Inch 10 Inch 12 Inches 10 Inches
LID TYPE Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Mirrored Glass Mirrored Glass Mirrored Glass
SUITABLE FOR All Stovetops, Including Induction All Stovetops, Including Induction All Stovetops, Including Gas, Electric, And Induction Gas, Electric, Electric Ring, Halogen, Glass Ceramic, Induction Gas, Electric, Ceramic, And Glass Stoves
SET WEIGHT 33.4 Pounds 26 Pounds 36 Pounds 34.5 Pounds 13 Pounds
DRAINER? NoMark NoMark NoMark NoMark NoMark
FILL LINES? NoMark NoMark YesMark YesMark NoMark
WARRANTY LENGTH Lifetime Lifetime No Warranty 10-Year 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Stainless Steel Cookwares Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best stainless steel cookware for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your best stainless steel cookware experience.

Triple-Ply Technology : Triple-Ply technology just means that at the bottom of these cooking pieces are three layers of metal–the outside layers being stainless steel and the inside layer being aluminum. Aluminum helps the pan heat evenly.

18/0 Base : The 18/0 is just referring to the amount of Chromium and Nickel in the pan. 18 being Chromium, and 0 being Nickel. For this particular ratio, there is no steel in the pan, which is a good thing because steel leads to rusting and other unwanted side-effects.

Starburst Finish: A pattern on the inside of the pan that helps against sticking.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Stainless Steel Cookware!

Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Cookwares

Ranking Stainless Steel Cookware Best Feature
#1 Cuisinart Fct-13 French Classic Tri-Ply Brand Dependability
#2 All-Clad 401488R Stainless Steel Stick Resistance
#3 Kitchenaid Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set 3-Ply
#4 Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Dishwashable
#5 Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set Stainless Handle Rivet For Durability


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