These are the top five best Tig Welders on the market, chosen from hundreds of models.

#5 – Forney 322 BestValueLRG

Price: $779.99
You save: $20.00 (3 %)
6 new from $779.990 used
  • Processes include MIG (Gas), Flux Cored (No Gas), Stick and TIG
  • Flowmeter and gas hose included
  • Acceptable Electrode Diameters are up to 3/32" and some 1/8"
  • Comes with Stick and MIG set-up
  • Forney rebates available at
  • Spool gun, Tig Torch, Foot Pedal sold separately

Combine excellent customer service with a 5-year warranty and you get an excellent welder suitable for a variety of uses. The Forney can be used for stick, TIG and MIG welding. Synergic welding capability, typically found only in more expensive models, minimizes splatters and optimizes the arc. This results in high-quality welding results.

The only real drawback is that the TIG set-up requires a separate purchase. Once all torches are in hand however, changing them out is a snap with the “Euro” quick switch feature. So, don’t worry, as this product is going to give you exactly what you need.

#4 – Everlast Powerarc 200St

Price: $360.00
You save: $39.00 (10 %)
6 new from $360.000 used
  • Lightweight and portable -
  • IGBT Infineon Modules , inverter technology
  • 200a DC and STICK
  • 5 Year (Parts and Labor) and 30 days money back
  • DUAL VOLTAGE 110v/220v

This welder’s 200A power for the price point is universally appreciated. Power does not come at the expense of complicated controls, as the PowerArc 200ST is among the simplest to operate. In spite of a lack of precision weld features like pulse welding and foot pedal control, this machine runs a steady weld. This welder comes equipped with automatic adaptive hot start technology to reduce sticking.

Even though it is super light at 32 lbs., a carrying handle instead of strap would be a nice safety improvement. Nevertheless, if you seek an excellent and powerful welder for the price – we rank it the best overall TIG welder for the money – that comes with a 5-year warranty, this machine is hard to beat.

#3 – Hobart 500551 Ez Tig 165I

Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i 230-Volt Inverter-Based AC/DC Welder
Price: $1,379.99
You save: $270.01 (16 %)
6 new from $1,379.992 used from $750.57
  • Offers a unique single knob control
  • Easiest AC/DC TIG welder to set up and use
  • It has superior weld performance

The Hobart EZ TIG 165i is dedicated to TIG welding only. Beyond those limitations this machine is an outstanding choice. Built for simple yet powerful operation, the infinite amperage control both expands range – based on metal thickness – while enhancing precision. According to users, this machine especially excels for aluminum welding.

It is a heavy case and not among the more portable welders. Yet features like an on-demand fan, amperage-control foot pedal and auto-shutdown far overcome any weight issues – and it can be moved with good back mechanics. But don’t worry, this is a great machine for your needs.

#2 – Alphatig 200X

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200-Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse 110V and 200V
Price: --
0 new0 used
  • quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials
  • will do 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" mild stee and 110/220 volts and is capable of welding 7018, 6013
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Using IGBT technology
  • Square-wave inverter 4 aluminum welding with pulse frequency allowing for simple set up and operatin
  • unit features HF start tig and includes a foot pedal for great tig welding control and Operation
  • Will do 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" mild steel and 110/220 volts and is capable of welding 7018, 6013
  • Square-wave inverter 4 aluminum welding with pulse frequency allowing for simple set up and operating

Amazon’s best-selling TIG welder is unfortunately not available through Prime. Don’t let that stop you from taking a close look at this feature-rich and powerful welder. With the ability to switch from precise work on delicate metals to cutting through thick steel, the AlphaTIG 200X is ranks first among the top welders.

It is the only one equipped with AC balance and pulse control features. Surprisingly lighter in weight than most, this welder should meet the needs of both professional and DIY welders. And, as one reviewer says, you still get plenty for a machine well under $1000.

#1 – Forney 324

Price: $999.99
5 new from $999.990 used
  • Processes include MIG (Gas), Flux Cored (No Gas), Stick and TIG
  • Flowmeter and gas hose included
  • Acceptable Electrode Diameters are up to 1/8" and some 5/32"
  • Comes with Stick and MIG set-up
  • Forney rebates available at
  • Spool gun, Tig Torch, Foot Pedal sold separately

The Forney 324 has a wide amperage range and a cast aluminum wire feed system ensures smooth and consistent operation. Digital displays allow for more precise adjustments depending on metal types.

If you seek machine reliability and excellent customer support, the Forney 324 fits the bill. This is the best overall TIG welder on the market, thanks to its power, easy-to-see display, and the many great accessories with which it comes.

Tig Welder Reviews & Comparisons

TIG WELDERS TopPickLRGforney-324 ahp-alphatig-200x hobart-500551-ez-tig-165i everlast-powerarc-200st BestValueLRGforney-322
MODELS Forney 324 Alphatig 200X Hobart 500551 Ez Tig 165I Everlast Powerarc 200St Forney 322






X-FACTOR Multiple Uses Feature-Rich Pulse Control Single-Knob Settings Lightweight Synergic Welding Capability
AMPERAGE RANGE 20A-140A @ 120V; 85A-170A @ 230V 20A-145A @ 120V; 10A-200A @ 240V 10A-165A Both Ac/Dc 20A-120A @120V; 20A-200A @ 240V 30A-140A
MULTI-PURPOSE MODES? Mig And Stick Stick No Stick Mig And Stick
PULSE WELDING None .5Hz-200Hz None None None
DUTY CYCLE 190A @ 60% 200A @ 60% 150A @ 20% 200A @ 35% 60A @ 60%
WEIGHT 51 Lbs. 38 Lbs. 62 Lbs. 32 Lbs. 50 Lbs.
WARRANTY LENGTH 5-Years 3-Years 5-Years 5-Years 5-Years
YesMark YesMark NoMark YesMark NoMark
NoMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
YesMark NoMark YesMark NoMark YesMark
NoMark YesMark YesMark NoMark Optional
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark NoMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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TIG Welders Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the TIG welder for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your TIG welding experience.

Ac/Dc Operation: The power source plays a vital role in determining what kinds of metals and applications you can use. For example, if you plan to work with aluminum–which most users should–AC power is essential.

Amperage Range: Wider amperage ranges allow for you to perform welding operations from super-fine to deep penetration. Amperage ranges are expressed for both AC power as well as DC power. The better machines have the widest amperage ranges.

Multiple Types Of Welding Applications: Metal inert gas welding (MIG) involves an arc being formed between the metal and a wire electrode that is consumed and fused to the metal. It is more commonly used for heavy steel applications. Stick welding is similar except that the wire is coated with a flux that prevents contaminants from mixing with the weld. Tungsten inert welding (TIG) uses nonconsumable tungsten to create an arc and is especially useful with aluminum and thin metals. Some welders are dedicated to TIG only while many others allow the operator to use stick, TIG and MIG welding applications.

Duty Cycle: Duty cycle is measured in ten-minute increments and determines how long within that period a welding machine can produce a certain amperage. For example, a machine rated at 140 A @ 35% means that it can reduce that amount of amperage approximately for three minutes without overheating. The higher the percentage, the longer it can maintain a particular amperage–usually read from the machine’s maximum amperage. Duty cycle determines how efficiently your work time can be.

Precision Control: Most machines in low price ranges have limited precision management capability. Precision is obtained by use of a foot pedal that controls amperage while you work and through pulse control technology that automatically control amperage within parameters the user sets. Increased precision means the higher quality workmanship.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Tig Welder!

Top 5 Best Tig Welders

Ranking Tig Welder Best Feature
#1 Forney 324 Multiple Uses
#2 Alphatig 200X Feature-Rich Pulse Control
#3 Hobart 500551 Ez Tig 165I Single-Knob Settings
#4 Everlast Powerarc 200St Lightweight
#5 Forney 322 Synergic Welding Capability


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