These are the top five best White Noise Machines on the market, chosen from Hundreds of models.

#5 –  Skip Hop Moonlight Melodies Nightlight Soother BestValueLRG

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  • Soothe baby with sound and light
  • Suggested Age: Newborn and Up
  • Plays up to 60 minutes of continuous music or nature sounds
  • Dimmable LEDs emit soft nightlight glow with modern leaf pattern;Adjustable-angle lens projects stars on walls or ceiling
  • Fabric wings double as speakers

The Skip Hop Unisex Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother creates the perfect atmosphere for your baby to fall asleep in. This product has many unique features that make it an attractive option. The built-in projector shines stars on your ceiling, so your baby will be entertained as he gently falls asleep. The owl design is fun and makes this device well suited for your baby’s room.

You can set the timer to automatically turn off your sounds – when the timer engages it slowly fades the sounds out. This gradual reduction in the volume of the music helps your child lull to sleep. This is a quality built white noise machine that produces solid results and it is the best white noise machine for the money and anyone looking to help their baby fall asleep quicker.

#4 –  Adaptive Sound Technologiessound Sleep

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  • 30 rich and immersive non-repeating sound environments for better sleep, relaxation, and sound masking
  • Adaptive Sound listens to your environment and responds instantly by adjusting audio volume
  • The optional sleep timer gently reduces the volume after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes to allow you to drift off to sleep
  • Front panel lighting automatically dims for distraction-free rest
  • Audio connector for private relaxation with your own headphones

The Adaptive Sound Technologies – Sound+Sleep is designed to give you a healthier sleep. The 10 natural sound stories help you stay asleep longer. You can also choose a non-repeating white noise sound setting. These options, along with a built-in timer function, make this unit a smart buy.

This unit has exceptional sound quality. The Sound Richness Control gives you a fuller sound. The adaptive Sound Technology automatically senses the ambient noise in your room and adjusts its volume accordingly. This is a smart choice for anyone looking to get the best white noise machine without breaking his or her bank.

#3 – Marpac Dohm-Ds All-Natural White Noise

Price: $49.95
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  • Two speeds - dual speed motor, unique asymmetrical fan, and acoustic housing create the soothing sound of rushing air, the Marpac Signature Sound, without the disturbance of actual moving air.
  • Customized sound - acoustic housing and dual speed fan allow for fully adjustable tone and volume control for a personalized sound environment.
  • Voltage - 120 V, for domestic use only.
  • Guarantee - backed by a one-year limited factory warranty and the always exceptional Marpac customer service promise.

The Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Machine uses state-of-the-art technology to produce a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. The dual speed motor and unique fan shape interact with the acoustic housing to create the soothing sound of rushing air. Quality components were used in the construction of this unit. This product includes a 1-year factory warranty, as Marpac stands behind the durability of their product.

The sound is fully customizable; you can choose the tone and volume by twisting the housing. This unique design makes fine-tuning easy. This unit is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. This product has been tested and it has been proven to provide quality results.

#2 – Lectrofan White Noise Machine

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  • UNIQUE, STEADY, NON- LOOPING SOUND: LectroFan sound is not a recording. It is generated dynamically through a proprietary algorithm to create unique non-repeating sounds.
  • UNMATCHED PRODUCT FEATURES: Equipped with 10 white noises, 10 fan sounds, and a multi-hour sleep timer. LectroFan comes loaded with options for every sound masking situation.
  • MASK DISRUPTIVE NOISES: Fall asleep with easy. Drown out pesky neighbors, household, traffic or construction noise, lull babies to sleep, create a disturbance free study area, and keep conversations private. Lectrofan has a setting for all your noise masking needs.
  • SAFE, SIMPLE, DESIGN: The LectroFan does not contain moving parts. This makes it a safe, energy efficient, and longer lasting alternative to fans or white noise machines with motors.
  • PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL: LectroFan has over 50 volume levels in 1DB increments, so you can find the perfect level for your unique environment.

The LectroFan – White Noise Machine is an extremely portable device that is optimized for travel scenarios. The included carry case makes transportation a breeze. You can power this unit from any USB, so you can use computers or backup batteries. This unit has a rugged feel designed to stand the test of time. Also, you can mask disruptive noises without creating any additional disturbance for yourself.

You can choose from 10 white noise settings and seven sleep settings. If you live in a bigger city, the louder volume will be a great feature to use. This quality white noise machine creates a very pleasant atmosphere. This is the perfect device for anyone planning to do some traveling.

#1 – Homedics Hds-2000 Deep Sleep Ii

Price: $79.88
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  • Sleep therapy programs are a patent-pending combination of relaxation sounds and white noise tones that lull you to sleep and keep distractions at bay-all night long-allowing for the deepest, most restful sleep possible
  • Simple, elegant dual speakers design with added bass guarantee unsurpassed sound reproduction that fills the room with sound
  • Simple, adjustable tone control functions creates a personalized sound: 4 white noise tones, 4 water tones, 4 nature tones
  • 8 sleep therapy programs: custom combination of nature or water tones with white noise technology
  • Included remote control allows you to interact with the deep sleep unit without getting out of bed

The Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II is the next generation in sleep therapy. This unit utilizes patent-pending combinations of sounds and white noise to make the perfect soundscape. The simple yet elegant controls are easy to understand. This product comes with a remote control, allowing you to adjust your soundscape from your bed.

You have a plethora of features including a timer function. Dual speakers give you a fuller sound. The sound reproduction and clarity are excellent. You can choose from four white noise tones, four water tones, and four natural tones. This is the best white noise machine on the market. If you want the best, this is it.

White Noise Machine Reviews & Comparisons

WHITE NOISE MACHINES TopPickLRG white image white imagemarpac-dohm-ds-whine-noise-machine white imageadaptive-sound-technologies-white-noise-machine BestValueLRGskip-hop-nightlight-soother
MODELS  Homedics Hds-2000 Deep Sleep II  Lectrofan White Noise Machine  Marpac Dohm-Ds All-Natural White Noise  Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound Sleep  Skip Hop Moonlight Melodies Nightlight Soother






X-FACTOR Eight Sleep Therapy Programs Usb Cord For Power Dohm-Ds – The Official Sound Conditioner Of The National Sleep Foundation. Adaptive Sound Technology Adjustable-Angle Lens Projects Stars On Walls Or Ceiling
WEIGHT 1 Lb 1 Lb 1.6 Lbs 1.6 Lbs 1.1 Lbs
DIMENSIONS 7.8 X 4 X 8.2 Inches 4.4 X 2.2 X 4.4 Inches 5.8 X 5.8 X 3.2 Inches 7.5 X 5.5 X 4.5 Inches 5.5 X 4.5 X 6 Inches
COLOR Soft White Black White/Black/Tan Black Soft White
DURABILITY 9.7 9.1 8.9 8.1 8
WATTS 8W 2.5W 18W 8W 7W
WHITE NOISE TONES 4 10 2 1 7.8
NATURE TONES 4 5 0 5 5
WATER TONES 4 5 0 4 1
WARRANTY LENGTH 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
ADDED BASS YesMark NoMark NoMark YesMark NoMark
DUAL SPEAKERS YesMark NoMark NoMark NoMark YesMark
REMOTE CONTROL YesMark NoMark NoMark NoMark NoMark
TIMER YesMark YesMark NoMark YesMark YesMark
USB NoMark YesMark NoMark NoMark NoMark
CARRY CASE NoMark YesMark NoMark NoMark NoMark
AMAZON PRIME? NoMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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White Noise Machines Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best white noise machine for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your white noise machine experience.

White Noise: This is a random signal with a constant density. This function can be used to mask disruptive ambient noise.

Sleep Therapy: This is a medical study of how to increase the time and depth of your sleep. This science began at the start of the 20th century.

Deep Sleep: (Slow Wave Sleep) This is a level of rest where our body gets the most benefits. There are 4 stages to deep sleep.

Noise Cancellation: This technology cancels out background noise. This process is known to make your conversations clearer by reducing ambient noise..

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best White Noise Machine!

Top 5 Best White Noise Machines

Ranking White Noise Machine Best Feature
#1 Homedics Hds-2000 Deep Sleep Ii Eight Sleep Therapy Programs
#2 Lectrofan White Noise Machine Usb Cord For Power
#3 Marpac Dohm-Ds All-Natural White Noise Dohm-Ds – The Official Sound Conditioner Of The National Sleep Foundation.
#4 Adaptive Sound Technologiessound Sleep Adaptive Sound Technology
#5 Skip Hop Moonlight Melodies Nightlight Soother Adjustable-Angle Lens Projects Stars On Walls Or Ceiling


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