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Best Vacuum Sealers Feb 2018

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    Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer

    • Easy locking system with simple three-button operation
    • Instant seal feature for delicate items
    • Integrated drip tray; accessory port; extra-wide sealing strip; bag cutter and vacuum hose store in unit
    The Cuisinart VS-100 is a great choice if you’re looking for a compact, but powerful vacuum sealer. Engineered for demanding homemakers who want the best in sealing technology without compromising sophistication in design, this is an ultra-light, compact, appliance that will stand out in your modern kitchen.

    The VS-100 has only three vacuuming options, which considerably simplify operation. Its built-in drip tray catches any dropped food or liquid during the process, keeping your workspace clean. It comes with several handy features, including indicator lights, bar cutter, and accessory hose storage. Enjoy the performance of a high-tech vacuum sealer without the hassles of complexity and bulkiness.

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