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Best Bluetooth Headphones Feb 2018

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    Morul U5PLUS Magnetic Sport Waterproof Bluetooth In-ear Headphones with Mic, Red

    • Magnet Attraction: Lightweight magnet at earplugs make the Wireless Headphones as a circle, hang around the neck like necklace to avoid losing in the movement.
    • Waterproof Ipx7: Advanced nano-coating waterproof technology can prevent headphones because of moisture caused by short circuit. such as water, sweat, milk, coffee, wine,,, Also provides protection from rain,dust,debris and sweat, but Not for SWIMMING and DIVING
    • 2High quality sound: Built-in HD Microphone with CVC6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology, reduces outside noises, enable clearer microphone’s sound, and ensures Stereo Music Sound and Strong Signal.

    The MORUL U5PLUS headphones are one of the best bluetooth products on the market, period. This model features magnets, a waterproof design, a lifetime warrany, and several sizes to accommodate different users.

    So, what’s the catch? With this brand, there really isn’t one. Sure, the range may not be as large as other ear buds, but you’re going to get amazing sound and quality from this pair of headphones. Be sure to test out all of the functionality of this model, as you’re going to be quite impressed with all it has to offer.

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    Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds Runner Headset Sport Earphones with Mic and Lifetime Sweatproof Wa

    • HD SOUND – 8mm Speakers combined with Bluetooth 4.1 create super accurate HD sound with powerful bass. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide Total Isolation from external noise.
    • MAGNETIC – Easily stow your Earbuds by wearing them around your neck. Instantly access your Earphones anytime without searching your pockets. Looks cool as well!
    • SWEAT PROOF – Say Goodbye to Water-Damage! Protected by Liquipel Nano Coating your Buds withstand sweaty workouts and will survive accidental dropping into water – Guaranteed!

    The Phaiser BHS-730 headphones are among the best in the industry, as they provide a number of unique features without detracting from the sound they produce. With magnets in the buds to keep them together, a free travel pouch, and innovative wing tips, these are definitely worth checking out.

    While other products may have a slightly bigger range or battery life, these make up for those mild deficiencies by overcompensating in other areas. You’re not going to find a more comfortable and durable pair of ear buds, especially with regard to working out – the sweatproof/waterproof function on this is the best in the business.

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    TAMEPANDA Bluetooth Headphones /w mic, Waterproof IPX7 Noise Cancelling In Ear Wireless, Best Wirele

    • Flexible earhooks for comfort & stability
    • WIRELESS – Bluetooth 4.1
    • WATERPROOF – Rated IPX7 waterproof.

    These headphones really have it all – a great battery life, waterproof capability, high-definition sound, noise cancellation, short charge time – the list goes on and on. The TamePanda wireless headphones are a combination of durability, amazing sound, and feature-laden design.

    While other brands may have some of the capabilities of this model, they don’t have everything that these offer. You’re not going to find a more balanced pair of headphones, as everything you could ever want is included. Also, perhaps most importantly, the sound quality on these buds is the best in the business. For all of the aforementioned reasons, these are the best overall bluetooth headphones for running.

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    TREBLAB XR100 Sports Bluetooth Earbuds, Secure-Fit, Sweatproof, Noise Cancelling, Best For Running G

    • INCREDIBLE LISTENING EXPERIENCE – Our wireless earbuds use latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and most advanced components. Enjoy unparalleled quality of sound with tight bass and highs that tingle your hearing senses
    • SECURE FIT AND COMFORT PLUS – Whether running, biking, training hard in the gym, or doing any kind of physical activity, our IPX4 SWEAT-PROOF sports Bluetooth earbuds feel great to wear and will never fall out
    • SUPERIOR NOISE REDUCTION – EXPANDABLE FOAM EAR-TIPS block all outside noise meaning you can listen to your music or important call at only half volume rather than blasting it. This will also help save your eardrums!

    The TREBLAB XR100 Bluetooth Earbuds are among the best on the market, as they continually get rave reviews from users. Featuring a unique ergonomic design and top-notch sound, this pair of buds will be a great addition to your running arsenal.

    With an unparalleled 9 hours of play time and extreme levels of comfort, you can take these headphones on an extended run, or several, without worrying about battery or discomfort. Consider making these your bluetooth running headphones, just try and choose between the red and white or black and gray models!

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Bluetooth Headphones For Running Reviews & Comparisons

BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES TopPickLRGtamepanda-wireless-bluetooth-waterproof-headphone white imagephaiser-bhs-730-bluetooth-earbuds white imagemorul-u5plus-bluetooth-headphones white imagebluetooth-earbuds-treblab-xr100 BestValueLRGapie-wireless-sports-headphones
MODELS Tamepanda Bluetooth Waterproof Headphone Phaiser Bhs-730 Bluetooth Earbuds Morul U5Plus Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Earbuds Treblab Xr100 Apie Wireless Sports Headphones











X-FACTOR Overall Quality Patented Winged Tips Weatherproof Long Play Time Aptx Sound
BATTERY LIFE 8 Hours 5+ Hours 8 Hours 9 Hours 4-6 Hours
WEIGHT 1 Ounce 0.3 Ounces 3.84 Ounces 0.6 Ounces 4 Ounces
CHARGING TIME 1.5 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours
OPERATING DISTANCE 30 Feet 25 Feet 30+ Feet 38 Feet 30 Feet

Microphone And Phone (2 Phone Ability) Microphone And Phone Microphone Microphone And Phone Microphone
WARRANTY LENGTH 1 Year 1 Year + Lifetime Sweatproof Warranty Lifetime 1 Year N/A
WATERPROOF YesMark YesMark YesMark NoMark NoMark
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Bluetooth Headphones Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best bluetooth headphones for running for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your bluetooth headphones for running experience.

Proper Fit:: As mentioned before, no one likes to adjust their headphones when working out. That is why the headphones you are thinking of buying should provide you with a proper fit when you’re running, jogging, or doing any other type of exercise. The headphones need to stay on! Headphones that are lighter provide more comfort.

Durability: The headphones need to be durable. You will be making a lot of fast movements during exercise and even if the headphones do fall off they need to be resistant to breakage. Durability is an important factor especially if the headphones are expensive. If they’re cheap then it really isn’t a big deal even if they do break as you can easily buy new ones.

Noise Isolation: The headphones need to have a noise isolation or cancellation feature. You don’t want to disturb other people around by allowing the sound to lead from your headphones nor do you want external noise to disturb you while you’re listening to your favorite songs.

Sweat Resistant: Headphones need to be resistant to moisture and sweat. They also need to be able to withstand rain if you happen to experience such a climate while running.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running!

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones

Ranking Bluetooth Headphones For Running Best Feature
#1 Tamepanda Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphone Overall Quality
#2 Phaiser Bhs-730 Bluetooth Earbuds Patented Winged Tips
#3 Morul U5Plus Bluetooth Headphones Weatherproof
#4 Bluetooth Earbuds Treblab Xr100 Long Play Time
#5 Apie Wireless Sports Headphones Aptx Sound