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Best Gaming Headsets Jan 2018

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    Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset

    • Advanced 53 mm drivers provide extremely accurate sound reproduction for FPS (first-person shooter) and other games
    • Open-air design provides unrivaled sound quality, clarity and comfort
    • Improved 3D Wing Support system offers hours of comfort and a secure fit

    For customers interested in an immersive experience, this is the ideal gaming headset. It has a staggering range of frequency response, meaning in-game noises will sound more defined.

    Additionally, many design choices were made to ensure maximum comfort while wearing it: no eye strain or headaches from extended use. This is all contained in a durable and light package, making it easy to transport and resilient to damage.

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    Beyerdynamic MMX300 PC Gaming Premium Digital Headset with Microphone

    • Cockpit tested audio components with impressive speech and playback qualities
    • Digital premium Gaming headset.
    • Sophisticated internal sound card works outside of the PC resulting in no risk of interference

    It simply doesn’t get better than this, quality wise. The microphone included is very effective, rivaling many standalone desktop mics. The sound range for the headphones is massive, while still being comfortable enough to wear for hours.

    Every aspect of this has been executed with style and finesse, resulting in an unsurpassed gaming headset. There may be better headphones, and there may be better microphones, but there are no better gaming headsets.

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    Feenix Aria Studio Grade Gaming Headset & Mic

    • Acoustic chamber is constructed entirely of Japanese Pine wood, providing an impeccably warm and rich sound
    • 50mm full range neodymium magnet drivers deliver studio monitor sound performance
    • Studio grade cardioid clip microphone allows for impeccable uni-directional voice recording unmatched by traditional headset mic’s

    This is a headset with style and substance. The exterior is coated with high-grade materials, creating a lightweight yet highly resilient frame that manages to look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

    This product looks so good, it could pass as a standard set of high-end headphones, especially since the mic is removable. In addition, the cups feature a range of sound sure to impress, with well balanced mids and lows. For gamers with a passion for great design and great sound quality, this is a very good investment.

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    Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015 headphones

    • Hear every detail of the game – Sennheiser’s transducer technology delivers exceptional sonic accuracy and clarity
    • Get immersed in the game – Closed back, over-ear design provides isolation from environmental sounds so you can focus on the game.
    • Crystal clear conversations – The professional noise cancelling microphone ensures crisp communication without interference

    Sennheiser headsets are some of the most popular among PC gamers for a few reasons. Their products always contain large, comfortable ear cups with high-fidelity audio. Additionally, the microphones they attach to their headsets are optimized to isolate your voice, giving you a clean voice when talking with other gamers on Discord or Skype.

    With the included adaptor making it compatible for consoles, this will work on just about every current gaming platform! This is a great gaming headset for anyone looking to enhance their experience.

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    SteelSeries Siberia 84 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for PC / Mac

    • Lag-free 2.4GHz wireless audio with up to 40ft/12m range and more than 20 hours of battery life
    • OLED transmitter delivers complete audio control and charges included swappable headset batteries
    • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound on PC (stereo audio available on Mac, PS4, Xbox One, VR, Switch, and Mobile)

    The most significant feature of this product is its gimmicks. While it does provide adequate hardware, what makes this set so special is all the extra features.

    Using the included receiver, this can connect to any console, computer or smartphone, and there are many ways to improve the overall quality when using on a PC. With support for fine-tuning a multitude of settings, this is a great gaming headset for even the pickiest of users.

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Gaming Headsets Reviews & Comparisons

GAMING HEADSETS TopPickLRGbeyerdynamic-mmx300 steelseries-siberia-800 feenix-aria audio-technica-ath-adg1x BestValueLRGsennheiser-pc-350
MODELS Beyerdynamic Mmx300 Steelseries Siberia 800 Feenix Aria Audio-Technica Ath-Adg1X Sennheiser Pc 350











X-FACTOR High Quality Materials Fine Tuned Audio Luxury Headphones Comfortable And Durable Best Pc Headset
CONNECTION SOURCES (USB, BLUETOOTH, ANALOG) 3.5 Mm Wireless Peripheral, Complicated Setup Process Usb, 3.5, 6.3 (Studio) 3.5 3.5 Mm (Analog)

No Retractable Yes No No
SURROUND SOUND? (5.1, 7.1)

5.1 7.1 No No No

Enhanced Eq Enhanced Eq Eq

Velour Memory Foam Aluminum, Memory Foam, Japanese Pine Wood, “Protein Leather” Metal Plastic, Leather

Pc, Mac, X360, Xbone Pc/Mac Ps3/4 Xbox 360 And Apple Tv Pc, Mac, Xbone Xbone, Ps4, Pc, Ipad Xbone, Ps4, Pc

5-30000 20-20000 10-26000 5-35000 10-26000

Cardioid Mic, Noise Compensation Noise Suppression Noise Isolating No Noise Blocking Headphones

Volume Control, Mute Chat Mix, Live Mix No Volume Control, Mute Volume Control, Mute
WARRANTY LENGTH 5 Year Parts And Labor 1 Year Na & Asia, 2 Years Europe Lifetime Support 3-4 Years 2 Years
EXTRAS Used By European Space Agency Hot-Swappable Batteries N/A Includes Extension Cable N/A
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Gaming Headsets Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the headset for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your gaming experience.

Frequency Response: This is a term that refers to the range of sound waves capable of being broadcast from headphone speakers, measured in hertz. The higher this is, the greater the variety of sound the headphones are capable of generating.

Microphone: This is, obviously, what allows you to talk to other players while in a video game. Certain designs of microphone are better for certain purposes: cardioid microphones, for example, provide great sound quality, while lavalier mics are smaller and more convenient to use. Each have their benefits and drawbacks, so choose wisely!

Surround Sound: This is an effect where sound appears to generate from all around the listener, giving a three-dimensional soundscape. Some headsets will support additional software, usually just for PCs, that allow you to generate a virtual surround sound experience.

Padding/Frame: It’s important to get a set that offers comfort, especially if you plan on using it for extended periods of time. A headset with too tight of a frame can cause headaches if it applies pressure to the temples, so look for one with a decent size and some cushioning.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Gaming Headsets!

Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets

Ranking Gaming Headsets Best Feature
#1 Beyerdynamic Mmx300 High Quality Materials
#2 Steelseries Siberia 800 Fine Tuned Audio
#3 Feenix Aria Luxury Headphones
#4 Audio-Technica Ath-Adg1X Comfortable And Durable
#5 Sennheiser Pc 350 Best Pc Headset