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Best Kamados Jan 2018

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    Broil King 911050 Keg 2000 Barbecue Grill

    • 480 sq. in. total cooking surface, including a 280 sq. in. cast iron cooking grate
    • 200 sq. in. chrome secondary cooking surface
    • 2 removable side shelves and wheeled based that is trailer hitch adaptable

    If you’re looking for the perfect kamado grill for tailgating season, the Broil King Keg 5000 is exactly what you need. This model shows up often in kamado grill reviews for a plethora of reasons: at just 126 pounds, it’s one of the lightest and most portable kamado grills on the market. This grill has removable side shelves, can hook on a trailer hitch and locks at the lid. Featuring a steel body insulated with fiberglass, it retains heat well and reduces fuel consumption. This model is so fuel efficient that it only requires a football-size pile of charcoal to cook meats like chicken and fish.

    With 480 square inches of cooking space available on this grill, feeding an entire party of football fans is no problem either. Its primary cooking area holds about 13 burgers, while a secondary cooking rack provides an additional 200 square inches of room. This model features two air dampers: a cast-iron damper on the top and a dual-purpose damper resting just above the stand. Both of these vents control the airflow within the grill, while the lower plate also doubles as an ash removal tray. Cleanup is simple, so you can sit back and enjoy the Broil King Keg 5000 and all it has to offer without much hassle.

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    Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill, 18″, Red

    • Premium 18″ Ceramic Grill with Sturdy Cart, Locking Wheels
    • Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System Included
    • Patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer

    Powerful and versatile, the Kamado Joe Classic packs a lot of value into its attractive, ceramic body. This model features the Flexible Cooking System, which allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time on the grill. Its divided cooking rack adjusts to the height and heat zone you need for that particular food. Users create these heat zones by utilizing the grill’s heat deflector, which lets you cook the food indirectly or over an open flame. You can also control the temperature by regulating how much air reaches the charcoal with the ventilation dial.

    The Kamado Joe Classic has nearly every accessory you could want in a grill. It comes with a built-in thermometer, a slide-out ash drawer and tool, a grill gripper, folding shelves and a cast-iron cart with locking wheels. It’s also backed with a lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, a five-year warranty on metal parts, a three-year warranty on the heat deflector and pizza stone and a one-year warranty on the thermometer and gaskets. Through this Kamado Joe review, you’ll find that this model will satisfy all of your grilling needs…and more.

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    Pit Boss Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker

    • Featuring a heavy ceramic body the kamado is the ideal environment for efficiently burning charcoal
    • The cast iron top tamper gives you full control over air flow allowing you to set the perfect cooking temperature
    • The solid bamboo side shelves are sturdy and fold down for easy storage

    Pit Boss isn’t as talked about as other brands in the kamado grill market, but the company makes a big splash with the K22. This model has 570 square inches of cooking space spread out among two tiers of stainless steel cooking racks. These flippable grids allow for versatile arrangements of food and provide easy access to the charcoal. There’s also a sturdy stand with four wheels, retractable bamboo shelves, a built-in thermometer and an ash removal tool included with the grill – this is our pick for the best kamado grill for the money available to consumers.

    The most impressive feature on this model is the air damper. This cast-iron device controls how much air reaches the charcoal through the grill’s upper and lower cooking vents. As more air circulates throughout this kamado grill, its temperature steadily rises to as high as 700-degrees Fahrenheit. The grill’s ceramic body provides tremendous heat retention and is remarkably durable. Pit Boss also backs this model with a lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts and a five-year warranty on metal and cast-iron parts. The Pit Boss K22 is a great long-term investment for those looking for a reliable, durable and high-quality kamado grill at an affordable price.

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    Primo Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill On Cart With Side Tables – Oval Xl

    • Patended oval design opens the door to diverse cooking options unlike any other ceramic grill
    • Most versatile ceramic grill on the market
    • Primo has one of the highest sitting lids on the market

    With temperatures ranging from 95 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, the Primo Oval XL 400 is one of the best kamado grills on the market for smoking meat. Multiple vents regulate airflow to the charcoal, while its reliable temperature control generates even heat across the cooking surface. Because of this model’s two-zone cooking system, you’re not limited to one cooking style, temperature or food at a time. The grilling racks are reversible and stackable, while a divider plate lets you cook one kind of food directly and another indirectly.

    Featuring 400 square inches of cooking space, this grill provides enough surface area to cook 15 to 25 steaks simultaneously. With optional rack extensions, users can expand that space to 680 square inches. The grill’s high-quality ceramic body provides excellent heat retention and is extremely durable. Primo backs this model with a 20-year warranty on ceramic parts, a five-year warranty on metal parts, a one-year warranty on cast-iron parts and a 30-day warranty on the thermometer and gaskets. Enjoy years of grilling bliss with the Primo Oval XL 400.

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    Vision Grills Professional C Series Super Bundle Kamado Grill

    • Ability to move between temperatures of 200Degree and 700Degree in minutes
    • Superior heat retention creates more eco-friendly coal consumption and reduced ash
    • The self contained cooking environment eliminates hot spots and flare ups

    The Vision Grills Pro C-Series provides the utmost control over multiple grill settings through its ProZone panel. This dashboard includes an electric starter port for the charcoal, calibrated control knobs for grilling and smoking and a removable ash drawer. There is 604 square inches of cooking space spread out among the grill’s tiered cooking grates. The two adjustable racks remove easily to add charcoal or wood chunks and adapt to any cooking style. WIth all of its available features, cooking controls and reliability, this is the best kamado grill on the market.

    Along with the control knobs, there’s also multiple air vents on this model that influence temperature. The grill’s built-in thermometer features temperature zones, which range from 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. This model also includes a stainless steel cart with locking wheels, side shelves, an attractive wooden handle and a vinyl, UV-protected grill cover. If that’s not enough, Vision Grills backs this grill with a lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, a five-year warranty on metal parts, a one-year warranty on the cover and a 90-day warranty on the side shelves and temperature gauge. The Vision Grills Pro C-Series far exceeds its competition… and for good reason.

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Kamado Reviews & Comparisons

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MODELS Vision Grills Pro C-Series Broil King Keg 5000 Primo Oval Xl 400 Kamado Joe Classic Pit Boss K22











X-FACTOR Prozone Technology Trailer Hitch Compatible Temperature Range Flexible Cooking System Large Cooking Space
BODY MATERIAL Ceramic Steel Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
TEMPERATURE RANGE (DEGREES) 200-700 F 200-700 F 95-750 F 225-750 F Up To 700 F
COOKING SURFACE (SQ. INCHES) 604 Sq. Inch 480 Sq. Inches 400 Sq. Inches 254 Sq. Inches 570 Sq. Inch
DIMENSIONS (INCHES) 28.8″ X 22.5″ X 47″ 41″ X 27.5″ X 47″ 27.5″ X 21″ X 24.5″ 46.5″ X 28″ X 48″ 52″ X 29.1″ X 45.9″
WEIGHT (LBS.) 227 Lbs. 126 Lbs. 250 Lbs. 188 Lbs. 178.57 Lbs.
WARRANTY LENGTH Lifetime Ceramic Parts, 5-Year Metal Parts, 90-Day Side Shelves, 90-Day Temp Gauge And 1-Year Cover 10-Year Body, 2-Year Parts And Paint 20-Year On Ceramic Parts, 5-Year Metal Parts, 1-Year Cast-Iron Parts, 30-Day Thermometer And Gaskets Lifetime Ceramic Parts, 5-Year Metal Parts, 3-Year Heat Deflector And Pizza Stone, 1-Year Thermometer And Gaskets Lifetime Ceramic Parts, 5-Year Metal And Cast-Iron Parts
SIDE SHELVES YesMark YesMark NoMark YesMark YesMark
WHEELS YesMark YesMark NoMark YesMark YesMark
REMOVABLE ASH TRAY YesMark YesMark NoMark YesMark NoMark
AMAZON PRIME? NoMark YesMark YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Kamados Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best kamado grill for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your grilling experience.

Temperature Range: A wider temperature range allows you to cook in different styles on your kamado grill. Lower temperatures are necessary to smoke meat the right way, while higher temperatures are needed for methods like searing. Put extra stock in models that can cook at temperatures as low as 100-degrees Fahrenheit and reach as high as 700-degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking Space: This term is self-explanatory, but it’s an important thing to consider when buying a kamado grill. If you entertain large groups of people at your house or you tailgate often, having a sufficient cooking space is a must. Be mindful of how a certain company advertises their cooking space. Many grills can hold more than their included cooking racks, but you must buy extensions or some other accessory.

Air Dampers: Air dampers control the airflow within the grill and, specifically, how much air reaches the charcoal. As more air circulates, the temperature rises. This is a very efficient way to control different heat zones inside the grill.

Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Kamado!

Top 5 Best Kamados

Ranking Kamado Best Feature
#1 Vision Grills Pro C-Series Prozone Technology
#2 Broil King Keg 5000 Trailer Hitch Compatible
#3 Primo Oval Xl 400 Temperature Range
#4 Kamado Joe Classic Flexible Cooking System
#5 Pit Boss K22