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Best Paintballs Guns Jan 2018

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    Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

    • Color Coded o-rings make it easy to quickly identify the correct replacement o-ring when performing maintenance of your marker.
    • The Eye Pipe, patent pending, internal design houses multiple critical systems that ensure worry free performance. The polycarbonate pipe shields the self-cleaning anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint ensuring the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop. The seamless pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle. The Eye Pipe system eliminates miss feeds, and double feeding. In addition it eliminates external eye plates and the potential of striped or corroded plate mounting screws.
    • The proven Hyper regulator design has been greatly improved. Now introducing the Hyper3TM in-line regulator. This new design is sleeker, smaller, consistent and offers precise increments of air pressure adjustment. Our new shim stack is more responsive and reacts quicker to pressure changes allowing better flow and a faster response. The size has been dramatically reduced allowing us to incorporate the soft rubber our proven Sticky Grips. In addition, the Hyper3TM air input swivel ring allows it to work with all bottom line configurations.

    The Dye Proto paintball gun features an impressive number of accessories, such as an adjustable trigger. The adjustable trigger is a rare feature that isn’t found on a lot of the paintball guns on the market; this feature allows you to adjust your trigger to make it more sensitive or even harder to squeeze, depending on the style you want to use this machine for. This product features a frame constructed from a mixture of Nylon and Fiber-Glass, which allows it to be extremely durable, yet very lightweight. The 1.65 pound weight of this gun will let you use it for hours at a time without having sore shoulders or muscles.

    This product comes equipped with an advanced LED display, which notifies you of the status of your machine; a feature rarely seen on paintball guns. This paintball gun can be shot at three different firing modes: semi-automatic, PSP, and full-automatic, which is a feature that is not found in most competitors. This product comes with all the tools needed to perform quick and necessary maintenance, which you can perform at the course if you need it. This product is equipped with a regulator, which provides high and smooth air flow; the smooth flow will allow you to use the tank for longer periods of time without needing to refill it too often. With a smooth air regulator, the comfortable grip will make it easy to continue shooting on the various courses without needing breaks for your hands. If you are looking for top performance at a reasonable price, this will you satisfy all your paintball needs.

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    Empire Paintball Axe Marker

    • Unique Push Bottom Bolt Removal System For Easy Maintenance
    • Empire Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF Lever Makes Tank Removal a Breeze
    • Extended Grip Frame and New grip for Increase Comfort

    The Empire Paintball Axe Marker is at the top of the list, and with its accurate, lightweight, and aluminum barrell, hitting your target will be nothing short of a deja-vu. This product is equipped with an impressive feature that allows you to take it completely apart with a press of a button. This makes maintaining it on the inside a breeze; you can lube the mechanism while you duck under a tree. This lightweight machine gives you the option of choosing between four shooting modes: semi-auto, PSP Ramping, NXL, and Millennium Ramping, which allows you to use it at different tournaments and courses without having to modify it to fit the specific needs of the course.

    This gun features an extended grip that makes it tremendously stable in your hands, as well as extremely comfortable, due to the soft rubber grip. The manufacturer claims this product is simply the best on the market, and hardly any customers disagree with that logic. This product comes with a 12-inch barrel, which is long enough to be accurate, but not too long to be in the way. However, if you decide you want to make this small, lightweight gun a sniper, you can easily replace this barrel with any possible size you want; you just need to twist it off and twist the new one on. If you want the best paintball gun on the market, this will be quite the investment for you.

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    Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

    • Spyder MR100 Marker
    • GXG XVSN Mask with Visor & Anti Fog Lens
    • 3Skull 200rd Black Hopper, 3Skull 20oz Co2 Tank w/ pin valve (Shipped Empty)

    The Spyder MR100 is another paintball gun that has a great look. This product comes equpped with everything you may need to get started, from the mask with anti-fog lens, to the tank, hopper, and even six extra tubes to store more paintballs. This is considered one of the most heavy-duty paintball guns on the market, as it is designed to take a beating. This gun features an Eko Valve System, which is an air efficient system that shoots uo to 1,600 shots from a regular-sized 20oz air tank.

    This product has a mounting system on top, and with the unique design of the angled hopper, it allows you to mount various accessories to the top of it, which means you can finally have a scope on top of it for long shots, or if you prefect a red-dot sight, you can still mount that, as well as anything that you want to mount on top of your gun. This product comes equipped with a fast-shooting two-finger trigger, which lets you shoot at a much higher speeds using both your middle and index fingers to fire. If you are looking for a paintball gun with everything you need to get started, this product will not dissappoint.

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