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Best Snowboard Boots Mar 2018

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    Burton Moto Snowboard Boot Mens

    Support – 3
    Lacing System – Speed Zone
    Warranty – 1 Year

    Buy Read Reviews $139.97
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    DC Men’s Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

    Traditional Lacing
    Foundation UniLite Outsole
    Red Liner

    Buy Read Reviews $50.00
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    Rome Snowboards Bodega Snowboard Boots

    Rad F.I.T. Liner
    Leverage Lacing
    3D Molded Shell Tongue

    Buy Read Reviews $157.76
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    Sapient Mason Snowboard Boots Mens

    Buy Read Reviews $74.95
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    Thirtytwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots

    BOA Closure System
    Evolution Foam Outsole
    3D Molded tongue

    Buy Read Reviews $107.97

Guide to Buying Snowboard Boots

Skiing is the fun and enjoyment for the adventure lovers. However, you can enjoy the fun of snowboarding when you are properly equipped with safety gears. There is a vast list of safety skiing gears from head to toe but the boots are the first layer between your feet and the snowboard. All of your movements and maneuvers are directly linked with your boots. Your boots are not only a safety gear for your feet but it also plays very important role in your performance on snow-covered mountains. The footwork involves in every fine movement and action in skiing. How you use your tip of the toes, heels, and palm of the feet depends upon your boots.

You coach might have briefed you about the importance of boots for snowboard operations and hazards associated with this adventure game. You might know that the frostbite is the most common hazard of snowboarding. The best material strong boots can minimize the risk of frostbite. Moreover, to get control over the snowboard, you need the perfect and reliable pair of boots.

While skiing, your complete body weight stabilized on the feet. You need to go on the snow keeping your body balanced and straight. If your feet are uncomfortable, you cannot utilize your skills efficiently. Therefore, the snowboard boots are the very first important kit item you need to focus on.

What do you see in a perfect pair of snowboard boots?

Keeping in view the importance of boots in the skiing operation, you must buy a good quality perfect pair of boots. Usually, the snowboard boots include the basic features required for snowboarding; however, you must check for the following points. After all, it is the matter of your safety and performance. Looking into for the following aspects, you can buy a perfect pair of snowboard boots.

  1.    Outsole material and finishing

Your boots interact with the snowboard through the outsole. The outsole having sufficient grip is the very important feature for skiing. In this connection, rubber outsole is best because it produces sufficient grip of wet board surface. There may be much other best quality rubber material used in the outsole. However, the gripping on the wet surface is what you note in the best snow boots. The outsole also prevents water entering the innersole. The outsole must be water resistant as well.

  1.    Comfortable and perfect fitting innersole:

The innersole of the snowboard boots is different from the traditional boots. The skiing operation needs perfect fitting boots for fine movements. The comfort of feet is also mandatory, however; you cannot compromise the perfect fitting. If the boots are loose, you cannot concentrate on your mission. The fitting of the boots also depends upon the size of boots and feet. Usually, the fitting problem is caused due to the selection of improper size. Therefore, boots confirm your feet size before buying the snowboard.

  1.    The upper of the Boots:

The upper of the snowboard boots helps the skier to maintain his/her body position while maneuvering. Moreover, the upper also protects the feet in case of direct or indirect violence. You know that soaking of the inner boot is always dangerous.  The water can also enter through upper of the boot if it is not properly fixed. So, the upper with the strong and water resistant material is good for snowboard boots.

  1.    Upper cuff

Upper cuff of the ski boots is very important for the safety of ankle joint. Usually, twisting injuries are caused due to loose hinge joint boots. The upper cuff keeps the ankle joint straight during ski operation.

Benefits of snowboard boots for skiers:

  • Snowboard boots enhance the performance on the tough and rough snow-covered mountainous surface.
  • The boots provide protection against hard-hitting components. Even you feel safe while skiing through mountainous lands containing hard rocks.
  • The snowboard boots provide sufficient grip to avoid slipping.
  • Water resistant quality of the boots keeps the feet safe from wetting. The dry innersole protects from skin damage.
  • The long upper cuff structure is best for maneuvering. Moreover, it also keeps your feet stable in the boot.

Top brands manufacturing snowboard boots:

Sapient Guide

Sapient is the well reputed global company for manufacturing sports accessories and safety gears. Sapient guide snowboard boots are well known in the sports community due to safety and reliability features. The guide boots have been designed to interact with hard rocks and snowed weather conditions.

DC Shoes:

DC Shoes Company is the American-based international company for manufacturing footwear for men, women, and children. The company started manufacturing skateboard boots and snowboard boots in 1993. The company headquarter is located in California, USA; however, many stores and affiliates are selling the DC made products worldwide.


Thirtytwo is the multinational company of men’s and women’s wear products. Currently, the company is operating from USA, UK, and Europe. Moreover, many retailers and affiliates are selling its products through traditional and online stores. The snowboard boot is the major product Twntytwo.


Jake Burton founded Burton snowboard manufacturing company in 1977. Burton played very important role in introducing excellent snowboard boots and accessories. Along with quality snowboard boots, Burton has also introduced different types of sports kits and accessories.