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Best Time Cards Mar 2018

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    Adams Time Cards Employee Punch Payroll Amano Clock 2-Sided – 500 Count

    Two-sided weekly employee time cards.
    Named days Monday-Sunday.
    Printed on manila card stock. Blue ink on front. Red ink on back.

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    CALCULATING AT-4500 sets up in minutes – totals REGULAR and OVERTIME hours worked

    Calculates Regular and Overtime (Daily and/or Weekly) work hours
    Completely stand alone – no connection to PC required
    Quick and easy menu guided setup. No buttons to press or time card to align – employees simply drop in t ...

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    Flexzion 50 Pack Time Cards Monthly Format Thermal Print Paper Timesheet for Daily Employee In Out A

    Cards are printed on double side for monthly pay periods
    50 Counts of thermal print cards to provide accurate and clear logs of staffs’ attendance records
    3 Groups of working time setting (IN/ OUT blanks) to meet different time a ...

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    Realand TFT LCD Display Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine ID Card Reader TCP/IP Function USB

    Suitable for the employees attendances of office, factory, hotel, school, etc.
    Make time tracking easy, reduce the administration workload.
    Has refined fashion, integrates attendance management software.

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    uPunch HN3500 Time Clock Bundle with 100-Cards and Two 10-Slot Card Racks

    Easily track your employees’ start times, break times, lunch times, and finish times with the uPunch AutoAlign Time Clock
    Automatic card feed aligns punches precisely to track weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly pay periods

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Guide to Buying Time Cards

Time cards have been used for decades for timekeeping by employees. Employers use time cards to check the number of hours worked by employees.

When checking the number of hours worked by a certain employee, management would use different time cards depending on the type and model of time clock used. There are different types in the market and for efficient time record keeping the management should find the best employee time clock and cards.

This can be very confusing especially the different types of time cards available and the little information found about them. This buying guide will give you: enough information to choose between the different types of time cards, useful tips on time cards and the top brands in the market.

Types Of Time Cards

Employers have to choose their time cards according to the time clocks being used to manage employee working times.

Manual Time cards

They are used to stamp time manually. They are perfect for separating the time when employees are actually working and when they are on break. They operate on a premise of an employee inserting the time card into the clock whenever they arrive or when they are going on a break. The punch clock prints on the time card and if the time clock is manual then the employee has to push on a button for the card to be punched.

Digital Time cards

These cards are used on digital time cards. Unlike the manual time cards the digital clock offers a simpler way of time managing employees. These are automatic and whenever an employee inserts a time card they stamp on it therefore recording the actual time worked for that day. The digital time cards also record weekly time for employees. These time clocks also come with a software which employers can check and track their employees time.

Tips for Buying Time Cards

After checking out the different types of time cards available in the market, it is time to choose between which of the time card will be best suited for your business. Factors to consider are these:

The size of your business: if you want to have an efficient time tracking system, it is always wise to consider the size of your business. Slow time tracking will hinder your employees from starting their jobs early. So you better go for a time card which will allow your employees to punch in and get right down to business working.

Location of your business: if your business is located at a place where the natural elements are harsh, then it is best to choose a time card which can withstand those elements. You do not want a time card which will be replaced every time because of it being destroyed by the natural elements.

The type of time clock you are using: there are different types of time clocks available in the market and if you use one brand then you cannot use a different branded time card to track time. These companies have ensured that time cards are designed differently and they ensure that employees can use their time cards.

Top Brands

There are companies which specialize on time cards. You can find some of them online and you can order from them according to the different time clock you are using and they will deliver directly to your address.

With that in mind before making any purchases make sure that you investigate which time card is the best brand which will give you the best results when tracking your employee time records.

You will find that these brands have created a niche for themselves by manufacturing the best time cards at the best possible prices. Some of the brands known for producing time cards include: Lathem, uPunch , Acroprint, Tops, and Allied Time USA.


Time cards are very important in any business environment. You should think of the value it adds to your office. It will help you manage and track your employees time. It is also an effective tool when it comes to payroll management.