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Best Trumpets Mar 2018

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    D’Luca 500PR 500 Series Standard Bb Trumpet with Professional Case, Cleaning Kit, Purple

    The D’Luca 500 Series trumpet meets and exceeds school standards providing great intonation, comfort, and mechanical reliability.
    Black Lacquer Finish, Key of Bb, Gold Brass Body, 4.84 inch Bell and a 0.46 inch Bore, Gold Brass Lead pi ...

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    Glory Bb Trumpet with Case, Cloth, Gloves

    Solid Brass Bb Trumpet
    Includes silver plated 7C mouthpiece
    Trumpet includes: hard-shell case, a pair of gloves, rug

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    Jean Paul USA TR-330 Trumpet, Standard, Bb

    The Jean Paul Trumpet is in key of Bb
    Comes with robust contoured carrying case for ease of use transportation
    Beautiful Yellow brass body construction with Gold Lacquer finish

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    Mendini by Cecilio Brass Bb Trumpet with Durable Deluxe Case and 1 Year Warranty

    Beautiful and durable brass body trumpet, Bb (B flat), common for school bands
    0.46″ bore and 5″ bell (for powerful sound), Phosphorus copper used on lead (pronounced as “leed”) mouth pipe, used on expensive trumpets ...

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    Windsor MI-1001 Student Bb Trumpet Outfit Including Case

    Gold Lacquer Finish
    First Valve Thumb Hook
    Twin Water Keys

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Guide To Buying Trumpets

Any person can get excited when he or she hears the Hawaii Five-O theme song. One of the most iconic trumpet riffs fills the series’ soundtrack. Wanting to play the song for yourself requires skill and yes, the right trumpet. Learning to play starts with knowing what instrument to play. Buying the right trumpet will give you the ease of learning and the drive to perfect your techniques. Many kinds of trumpets can cater to your musical disposition.

Kinds of Trumpets

Depending on your style, trumpets are also varied. Like violins, there are many kinds of trumpets with different styles. Here are the different kinds of trumpets:


The bugle is one of most iconic kinds of trumpet out there. There is a great significance in wars as they prepare the soldiers to do different orders: order them to fall back, or push the enemies back and regain the front lines. This trumpet, however, does not have a pitch altering mechanism. It is up to the player’s position on the mouthpiece. It is also limited to the major scales

Bb Trumpet

The most popular kind of trumpet favoured by students and professionals alike. It has a slider and buttons you can use to alter the pitch. Other variation of this is the C trumpet. A little brighter on the sound but nevertheless, delivers the same effect as the Bb Trumpet.


A more compact version of the Bb Trumpet. This trumpet is sometimes more favoured by students for the compactness make it easier for them to hold. This kind of trumpet is more sweet and mellow as compared to the Bb Trumpet’s bright and exalting tone and clarity. Another cousin of this kind is the Flugelhorn, which is mostly used in jazz music for the most jazzy and mellow tone.


A smaller yet higher pitched trumpet. This kind has 4 valve buttons instead of 3 which grants it the flexibility to reach lower notes. It is available in different keys. Those of which are created in the key of G, F, and C are the rare kinds of piccolos

Key Features You Must Look For When Buying Trumpets

Considering the fact that this is your first time, you will have to look for these features in trumpets

Comfort in holding the Trumpet

The reason you’d like to look for one that easy to hold is that as you try to learn, you will understand how being comfortable will help you when practicing. There are many sizes of the different kinds of trumpets. They have a small, medium, large and extra-large size that befits anyone who wants to learn to play. The most common size favoured by players is the medium size.

The size depicts your sound

In music, the more little it is, the brighter it sounds. The bigger it is, the darker it sounds. Make sure you find the right size that fits your dark/light tone needs.  Do not grab one just because of the lightness or compact size.

The Orchestra/place you will be playing for

Take into consideration what your role in the orchestra will be. Buy the appropriate kind of trumpet. With the right size and comfort, you will be a master in not time.

Tips you should follow when buying trumpets

  • It should not be hard to blow – The trumpet does need you to blow on it. Should it need you to summon a hurricane before it makes a good sound, skip it. The air should pass easily and freely. You should be able to control how loud and dynamic the sound is going to be.
  • The tone and the control of it – While the tone and control may rely on the player him/herself, it is important to note that defective notes can sometimes surface in rushed trumpets. Make the seller play it for you if you cannot play each note and notice the things. If they can hit the tone but lose control, or they are flat or sharp at certain pitches, skip that trumpet. If you can, try to learn a few notes and listen to how it should sound.
  • The Case and the Trumpet itself – Check the valves and the slider. Make sure they move and change the pitch and dynamics accordingly. Look for scratches, too. Sometimes, scratches can go from “scratch” to crack quickly so it is advised you keep a keen eye on the item you are to buy. In addition, the case should carry your trumpet with ease. It should do it without having to compress the trumpet.

The Top 3 Brand Of Trumpets


This company have been producing the sounds of the trumpet for more or less 60 years. A trusted and reliable trumpet maker and seller of Americans. Some of their works are beautifully made that you cannot think of it as handmade.


One of the most iconic names in music-making, Yamaha makes great trumpets too! They have ones for different kinds of situations like orchestras, solo playing, and many more. Yamaha has the world in awe in the mastery of musical instrument.


They are simply exquisite in making trumpets. Regarded as the real Stradivarius, they are the best options for orchestras and bands. They make trumpets using the best materials, so what can you expect, but perfection.


Learning an instrument starts with earning that instrument. Knowing how to choose the best trumpet will guarantee your learning to be a breeze. You will be playing the trumpet beautifully and extravagantly without even knowing it! Make sure you check all the things you need in a trumpet: the kind of trumpet, the people with whom you will be playing with, the lightness and darkness of the tones, and the ease of handling the instrument. Learning starts when you gain that trumpet of yours so get those music sheets ready. Great music will then be at your blow.