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Best Vanity Mirror Mar 2018

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    3X Magnified Premium Modern Vanity Makeup Mirror 100% Guarantee | Portable Polished Chrome Contempor

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    Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity Mirror. Lighted (13 Bulb) Vanity Mirror with Dimmer

    Turn any desk or table into a personal, makeup backstage area so that you can put your best face forward everyday! Contains 13 salon-grade dimmable bulbs for professional, celebrity style makeup-perfecting light distribution.
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    Vanity Girl Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror with Optic Glass and 6 Cosmetic Light Bulbs Around Frame

    QUALITY: Optic-quality glass and steel with a high-polish gloss will last for years – guaranteed.
    FUNCTIONAL: Salon-grade dimmable bulbs and a generous full size 34 in. W x 28 in. H x 8 in. D
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Guide to Buying Vanity Mirrors

Some people say that vanity is a sin. However, when it comes to a person’s physical well-being and physical appearance, a little bit of vanity will come a long way. Hence, the birth of a tool that helps people see their reflection and adjust accordingly – these are the mirrors.

History of Mirrors

Mirrors were invented by a German chemist in 1935.

It was Justus von Liebig who was trying to make a reflective device solely for that purpose. He developed a lot of processes but came out with the perfected first prototype of using a very thin layer of metallic silver, at most a centimeter. He placed it on one side of a glass to reflect whatever is in front of it. However, this was merely the first known chemical creation of the mirror.

The mass production of a reflective tool, however, was shown to have been done some 8,000 years ago in a Turkish city.

Today, mirrors are not only meant to be mirrors but have a lot of different functions and curves as well. Mirrors placed in different places have different names.

Kinds of Mirrors

There are four basic kinds of mirrors, they are:

  1. The plane mirrors – the plane mirrors have a flat and plane surface. They function as they seem and have no other functions but to reflect whatever is in front of it.
  2. Spherical mirrors – spherical mirrors are concave mirrors that are perfect for those who only focus on their face such as when one is putting makeup or when one is doing a close shave. Vanity mirrors are spherical mirrors.
  3. Two way mirrors or one way mirrors – these are mirrors that mix transparent and reflective properties of mirrors. These are often placed in business establishments and big buildings where reflection is important so passing air vehicles, such as airplane, would be able to see them.
  4. Silver mirrors- these are the kinds of mirrors that have the highest kind of reflective surface. This is perfect for those whose main purpose is decorative.

One popular kind of mirror is the vanity mirror – a mix of the spherical and silver mirrors, vanity mirrors are often placed in the bathroom where one will need to take a close look at his or her face before going out.

A vanity mirror is a need in most houses and has taken over bathroom interior design since its birth.

Vanity mirrors often come with a bathroom vanity set that is perfect for grooming while inside the bathroom. Both small and big houses have their own vanity mirrors.

History of Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors have a rich history. The very first vanity mirror can be attributed to the hand mirror often used by pharaohs in the early Egyptian civilization. Discovered in 1910, vanity mirrors were said to have been used some three thousand years ago by pharaohs while they were being groomed or cleaned by their servants.

By the mid-1700s, vanity mirrors became a thing that women placed in their dressing table to look at whenever they are putting on cosmetics.

By the time of the Victorian bathroom vanity design, vanity mirrors became a big part of the bathroom vanity set. Even during the pre-plumbing era, bathroom vanities already have vanity mirrors.

Vanity mirrors became a thing of intrigued when vanity played a role in the death of a known actress and socialite, Maria Gunning. It was said that looking at the mirror became very toxic for women that they become obsessed by it.  It was only upon discovery that the cause of her death was lead based make up that vanity mirrors were removed from the picture.

Vanity mirrors, today, are made up of three different materials – iron, stainless steel, and brass. Vanity mirrors made up of iron are the cheapest while vanity mirrors made up of stainless steels are perfect for vanity mirrors that come in a bathroom vanity set. Brass made vanity mirrors are the best kinds of vanity mirrors since they have the best reflective property and are often water resistant.

Tips in Buying Vanity Mirrors

When looking for a vanity mirror, the following tips are important.

  1. Lighting is your best friend.  Your vanity mirror will not be maximized if you cannot make lighting work for it.  Remember that mirrors are basically reflective tools so you should always have a vanity mirror with the right lighting, this is the best combination for a maximize use of vanity mirrors.

Quick Tip: It is impossible to buy an LED based vanity mirror but what you can do is to make sure that your bathroom vanity will be placed with the right kind of light. You cannot just depend on the sole light of your bathroom; you must make sure that you have a different light specific to your bathroom vanity set only. A set of pin lights around your bathroom vanity, like the ones that you see on the dressing rooms of Hollywood or a big vanity light that you can purchase separately is the best way to get the best lighting.

You can also use natural light and place your vanity mirror beside a window but this will not work when you are using your bathroom vanity at night so a pin light is still the best option.

  1. Look for brass vanity mirrors. Brass vanity mirrors are the best out of all the different kinds of vanity mirrors as they have the best reflective properties and are the sturdiest.

Quick Tip: Never let yourself be swayed by marketing, ask the seller on the properties of your mirror and make sure that you really pay attention to what they are saying and what you are purchasing.

  1. Magnification is important. Your vanity mirror should have just the right amount of magnification so you can focus on the right areas that you want to focus on.

Quick Tip: A converging or a concave mirror is best when you do not want a magnified vanity mirror. This property is available on almost all vanity mirrors; you just have to specifically look for it.

  1. Your height is a factor. You may think that your height will not play as a factor on your bathroom vanity but you are wrong. Look for a vanity mirror that is big enough to cover your whole face and half of your body. For women, this is important so you can make your face makeup match the color that you will place on your neck and on your neckline. For men, this is important so you can make a close shave even on your chest especially if you are particularly a hairy person.

Top Brands of Vanity Mirrors

Wade Logan is a top brand because they offer top quality craftsmanship that will fit any bathroom vanity motif.

Moen Mirrors is considered a top brand due to the innovative design that their mirrors have. They are one of the first shops to introduce vanity mirrors that tilt, vanity mirrors that expand and can be put aside, and vanity mirrors that are made of chrome.

Rayne Mirrors is a top brand because of the functional and decorative properties of their mirrors. This is the perfect mirror set for those who want to have a functional and a stylish bathroom vanity set.

Now that you know the basic facts about vanity mirrors, you can now make that important decision that can make or break your bathroom vanity design or your personal grooming table.