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Best Well Pumps Mar 2018

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    1.6 HP Shallow Jet Water Well Pump With Tank Garden Sprinkler System

    Pump 1003 Gallon in an Hour with 26.5ft in height
    Transfer water from wells, up moderate slopes and to the upper stories of buildings
    steel tank hose, Cast iron pump body, Steel pressure tank with gauge

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    Anfan 1.5 HP Stainless Steel Submersible Sump Pump Dirty Clean Water Pump w/ 15ft Cable and Float Sw

    Pump Body Size: Dia 16 x H29cm/ 6.24 x 11.31 inch.
    STAINLESS MOTOR BODY:Stainless steel motor is not easy to rust and thereby extends product life.Also,the stainless body is easy to clean and wipe.
    4356GPH AND 1.5HP:4356GPH (gallons pe ...

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    Happybuy 1/2HP 4”Deep Well Pump 0.37KW Submersible Well Pump 110V Stainless Steel Well Pump Submersi

    This unique designed table is an real cross bed table which you can work with your laptop or simply enjoy your breakfast in bed.
    Length and Height adjustable for the table laptop cart computer table, length : 55 inches to 83 inches , height ...

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    Submersible Deep Well Pump.
    Made from Stainless Steel (including the outlet and the check valve).
    2 Years Warranty.

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    Square D by Schneider Electric FSG2J24CP 40-60 PSI Pumptrol Water Pressure Switch

    40-60 PSI Pumptrol(TM) Water Pressure Switch
    Suitable for jet pumps, submersible pumps and reciprocating pumps
    Standard-action contacts open on rising pressure

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Guide to Buying Well Pumps

Well pumps provide drinking water to residences, irrigation and livestock watering. The well pumps are available in deep well convertible, shallow and submersible designs.

Choosing the right pump is important as this can help in providing uninterrupted water supply to your home. Most buyers are overwhelmed with the many choices that are available. As we know that finding the right well pump is important we have shed some light on the many choices, so that you can make an informed decision.

Types of Well Pumps

  • Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Centrifugal force is used to pump water. This helps create suction and helps draw water from well that are less than 25 feet below the ground. These pumps are electrically powered and are usually mounted on pressure tanks. The check value in the feed line of the pump prevents water from flowing backward.

  • Convertible Deep Well Jet Pumps

The convertible deep well jet pumps are used in places where the water source is located more than 25 feet below the ground. These pumps sit above the ground and are equipped with a submersible jet ejector assembly. This helps in increasing the operating depth to 90 feet. The foot value feature keeps the water from flowing back.

  • Deep Well Submersible Pumps

The deep well submersible pumps are used in places in which water is located at more than 90 feet below the ground. These pumps are submerged in a well and the water is pumped through a single pipe that is connected to the pressure tank. Even though they are more efficient they are hard to maintain and motor problems may require repairs at frequent intervals. Regular maintenance can ensure that the pumps last for 15 – 20 years.

Useful Tips for Shoppers

There are many things that the shoppers need to consider when buying well pumps. Adequate knowledge about choosing the right pump size and its features can help in making a good choice.

Selecting the Right Pump

A well pump is paired with a pressure tank and this provides drinking water to your home. Choosing a good well pump is as easy as replacing the old one you have at your home if you know how to make the right choice.

Before you start shopping it is advisable to determine the right size and type of pump. The correct size of the pump required for your home can be determined by adding one GPM for every fixture that you have along the water line.

As wells range in different sizes depending on the amount of water, pumps are designed for different situations. Avoid buying oversized pumps as they can increase cost due to energy inefficiency and this can substantially reduce performance.

What Type of Pump Do You Have at Home?

If the pump is in the basement or sits above the ground, you have a jet pump. This pump draws water from the well through one or two pipes that run to the well. The jet pump is usually combined with a pressure tank.

If the pump has one pipe going to the well, it is a shallow well jet pump. If there are two pipes it is a deep well jet pump. If the pump has a single pipe coming out of the well and into the home and is connected to the pressure tank, it is a submersible pump. This pump is installed near the bottom of the well and is operated only when you require water.

Sizing a Well Pump

The size of a well pump has a direct impact on its efficiency, cost and lifespan. If you have an undersized pump it can result in low water pressure. An oversized pump consumes more energy. In both these situations it can result in excessive wear and tear of the well pump system.

The correct size of the well pump can be determined by:

  • The level of the water source and water pressure required
  • Rate of water source replenished in gallons per minute
  • Amount of water that the pump must deliver
  • The vertical lift that the water needs to be pumped

All these parameters need to be considered when determining the correct size of the well pump.

Features of Well Pumps

  • Pressure Tank – Maintains water pressure
  • Check Value – Keeps water from flowing backwards in shallow jet well pumps
  • Foot Value – Keeps water from flowing backwards in convertible well pumps
  • Booster – Helps shallow well pumps to maintain water pressure by increasing psi
  • Thermal and overload protection – Motor burnout is prevented

What Type of Pump Do You Need?

Choosing a pump for your home depends a lot on the depth of the well to water.

  • Less than 25 feet – Shallow well jet pump
  • 25 feet – 110 feet – Deep well jet pump
  • 25 feet – 400 feet – Submersible pump

What is the Depth of Well to Water?

The well drillers report can list the depth of water. This can help in determining the type of well jet pump that is required to get water to your home. If the drillers report is not available, you can determine the depth of water by lowering a string into the well and measuring it. Even though you may not get the exact depth length like in the drillers report, it can still help you determine the choice of well pumps.

Top Brands

Red Lion – The Red Lion brand has become the number one choice for retail hardware needs. The brand is the preferred choice for clean water, lawn and irrigation, sump, effluent and sewage and other multi-purpose use pumps.

Flotec – The Flotec brand is a leader in residential water management systems and products that include well pumps, pressure tanks and sump pumps. The brand has been a leader in water management products for the last 30 years. The innovative products have helped pump water to millions of homes.

STA-RITE – Originally founded in 1934 the brand has been a leader in providing water management products. They have the broadest selection of products in the industry. They serve plumbing and well pumps markets in over 100 countries throughout the world.