Bestmassage Black 77″ Long 30″ Wide 4″ Pad Reiki Portable Massage Review

By September 16, 2016Home


Construction: The BestMassage Professional 77″ Long 30″ Wide Reiki Portable Massage Table is made of Beech wood, which ensures that it is capable of carrying weight of up to 600 lbs.
Padding: This product comes with a padding of 4-inch thick high density small-cell foam covered with PU leather, which protects it from oil and water.
Siza: This table is one of the largest high quality massage tables currently available in the market. It is also adjustable from all of the sides for the best experience.
Comfort: The hanging armrest, removable facial cradle and pillow provide utmost comfort to users. It is soft to touch and you won’t feel any stress even lying on it for long periods of time.
Portability: The design of this table makes it possible to fit into the carrying case perfectly without making it feel heavy. Just grab the carry case and take the massage table wherever you want without feeling fatigued.

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