Beyerdynamic Mmx300 Review

By September 18, 2016Gaming


Microphone: The mic attached to the headphones on this set is cardioid. This is a much nicer design than most headset mics, being designed to reduce noise.
Cups: The cups for this unit’s headphones are made from a very fine velour. You will not find a smoother feeling pair of headphones in this price range, hands down.
Range: With the second highest frequency response out of all the products on this list, these have a stellar range of sound. It’s so powerful, even the European Space Agency uses them!
Cables: The cable used to connect this set to your PC or gaming console is constructed very well. Common cable issues such as loud noises when bumping against your clothes will not be a problem here.
Comfort: Despite having a tight frame and being constructed from stiff materials, this product is very comfortable. You may even forget you’re wearing them!

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