BILT Techno Review

By July 15, 2016Automotive

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DWO-3 Bluetooth Technology: The Techno is the most technologically advanced helmet BILT has ever made. Its integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system with dual speakers allows for phone calls, rider-to-rider and rider-to-passenger intercom pairing, GPS navigation and full MP3 connectivity.
Drop-Down Sun Shield: Featuring a drop-down sun shield, this model is loaded with convenient add-ons that many other high-end Bluetooth motorcycle helmets don’t have.
Design: With a durable polycarbonate shell, an excellent airflow and ventilation system, as well as a removable and washable interior lining, this a well-designed, high-quality motorcycle helmet.
Warranty: This model is backed by a five-year, no questions asked manufacturer warranty. BILT is confident the Techno will last for years to come and provides users with peace of mind with their long warranty.
High Speeds: When going faster than 50 mph, users have said that they can’t hear phone calls or GPS directions as clearly as when they were going slower.

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