Biolet Toilet Systems BTS33NE Biolet 33 Non-Electric Waterless Toilet
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  • Brings functionality to your home, while offering the trusted, enduring qualities , this collection features high style for the discriminating consumer
  • Beautifully detailed, this item captures the essence of old-world elegance
  • Adds a splash of color to brighten up your home
Installation : The installation of the Biolet Toilet Systems 33 is very easy; there’s need for you to spend hours trying to figure out the manual.
Wastage : This toilet has brilliant features like an easy carry handle on the waste disposal bin. This makes for a less messy process overall.
Capacity: This toilet possesses a huge leather collection capacity feature which allows it to be used by more than one person.
Non-Electric : There are reviewers who have complained about this composting toilet being non-electric.
Drain Tube : While installation of this composting toilet is easy there are reviewers who have complained about the drain tube leakage.


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