Price: $69.99
8 new from $69.9914 used from $51.10
  • Captures debris along edges and in tight spaces-- no attachments or broom needed
  • The V shape directs larger debris into the center suction path, while the ends of the V capture small, fine debris
  • Easily cleans around furniture legs and on low pile area rugs
  • Swivel head allows you to easily clean around furniture legs
  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup makes project cleanup a breeze
  • 20' Power Cord
  • Designed for hard floor
Maneuverability: This model is extremely easy to maneuver, as it can swivel, rotate, and move around with ease.
Weight: This little unit is not going to strain any of your muscles, as it’s under eight pounds.
Storage: This is the smallest model on our list, so feel free to store it anywhere or simply place it in a corner of your kitchen.
Warranty: Be careful when you use this vacuum cleaner for pet hair, as it comes with only a 1 year warranty.
No Hand Vacuum: If you want a mini vacuum that’s detachable for those nooks and crannies, look for another model.