Bradley BTDS76P Review

By June 17, 2016Kitchen
Bradley BTDS76JB Digital Smoker

#3 Bradley BTDS76JB

#3 Bradley BTDS76JB

Cooking Space


Temperature Control


Ease of Use


Extra Features


The Good

  • Easy To Control
  • Range Of Options
  • Mobility
  • Efficient Design

The Bad

  • Limited Visibility

Easy To Control: Smoke, internal temperature and cooking time are all controlled through a display on the side of the Bradley BTDS76P. Controlling the smoke is a unique feature that is not typically offered through a digital interface.
Range Of Options: With a 280-degree max temperature, the Bradley BTDS76P boasts one of the highest ranges on the market. This model also has separate burners for heat and smoke, which allows you to customize the type of environment you want your meat to cook in.
Mobility: At just 43 pounds, the Bradley BTDS76P is much easier to lift and move compared to other models. The generator also detaches, making transportation effortless.
Efficient Design: This electric smoker’s stainless steel design is not only attractive, but it also has an insulated interior. This allows the machine to store up to eight hours of smoke and makes cleanup very easy.
Limited Visibility: There is no viewing window on the BTDS76P and it doesn’t include a meat probe. Users must open the door every time they want to check on their meat.

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