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  • Beater IQ intuitive interface detects the type of attachment you are using and adjusts the speed to the best desired range for what you are mixing
  • Powerful 240-watt DC motor for quiet operation and high torque at low speeds
  • Quiet scraper beaters mix to the edges without clanging to maximize contact with the bowl
  • Count-up timer for accurate control of recipes that require precise mixing time
  • Mixing light enables you to view ingredients during the mixing progress
240 Watt Engine: A powerful 240 watt engine makes light work of cake batters, egg whites and dough. Even though it is powerful, the engine is quiet.
Beaters: The rubber lined scraper beaters ensure all of the mix is pulled effectively around the bowl.
Count Up Timer: A clever count up timer will ensure you whip up your egg whites for the precise amount of time.
Led Headlight: The subtle yet effective LED headlight enables you to see that your cake mix has been whisked evenly.
Splatter Mess: Even on the low speed setting, the mixer is still vigorous enough to make a mess over the countertop.


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