Price: $1,999.00
You save: $495.97 (20 %)
4 new from $1,999.000 used
  • Manages Power to All of Your Appliances - Managed Whole House Power system offers permanent protection from power outages
  • Quick Response - Automatically powers your home in seconds after sensing a power outage; turns on or off automatically as needed
  • Transfer Switch Included - Flexible weather-resistant transfer switch gives you the whole "plug & play" package to get started immediately
  • Briggs & Stratton has provided reliable engine power for over 100 years - Trust the power experts at Briggs & Stratton for complete peace of mind
  • Three Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty - we stand behind our warranty and make it easy for our customers
Instant-On: This feature senses any loss of power to your home and automatically engages the generator.
Fuel: This unit connects directly to a propane tank so it can run for days at a time, which is great for extended outages.
Runtime: This product has an ultra-extended runtime. You are only limited by the amount of propane you have.
Warranty: An unmatched 4 year warranty lets you know this product is of the highest quality and will last through any tough times.
Power: This generator comes with 8000w of power at your fingertips. You can run your appliances and electronics without concern.
Portability: This generator is not intended for mobile use. It is designed to be installed on your home and cannot be moved easily.


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