Camco 41541 Review

By September 21, 2016Home
Price: $62.99
You save: $28.95 (27 %)
31 new from $62.999 used from $58.94
  • 5.3 gallon holding tank is detachable; 2.5 gallon flush tank
  • Sealing slide valve locks in odors and protects against leakage
  • Side latches secure the tank to the toilet
  • Bellow-type flush and sturdy construction
  • Measures 15.5" H x 14" W x 16" . Please note: Total Seat Width is 13 inches. Seat dimensions (inside) are: 8.5"W x 9"D
Design : This toilet was designed with efficiency in mind, as it is extremely well built and has sturdy features to keep it upright.
Latches : This model comes complete with side latches that secure the tank to the toilet – this minimizes the potential for a mess.
Size : This toilet is much smaller than some of its competitors, which makes it ideal for people who want to place it in a small nook or cranny.
Seat : This toilet possess a seat that increases the comfort level of the user and will stay secured to the rest of the product.
Waste Tank : While this toilet has some awesome features, some reviewers have complained about the urine tank needing to be washed every day.

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