Price: $1,900.00
4 new from $1,900.000 used
  • Horizontal/Vertical Operation - Easily switch between positions to handle larger logs
  • Towable - 2 in. ball coupler, DOT approved wheels and extended tongue to fit most ATV/UTV towing applications
  • Efficient - Quick 16 second cycle time down and back
  • Rugged - Includes dual log catchers and handles logs up to 24 in. in length and 100 lb. in weight
  • Champion Support - 2 year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support
Splitting Force : 22 tons of splitting force is a gem among similar wood splitters. The Champion Power Equipment 92221 has the power to cut even the largest logs.
Log Cradle : The cradle on this model can support logs as long as 24 inches with a maximum weight of 100 pounds. With this machine you can tackle the biggest wood.
Towable : The Champion Power Equipment 92221 log splitter comes with a towable frame and two-inch ball hitch. Take your cutter anywhere it needs to go with this convenient feature.
Easy Assembly : When your splitter arrives in the mail, rest assured that it won’t take long to assemble it and get cutting.
Portable : Not only can you tow it, but it also comes with wheels on the bottom so you can roll it anywhere you need it to go.
Cycle Time : A 14 second cycle time isn’t quite as quick as other machines on the market, but it’s certainly passable for most jobs.


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Francis K. doesn’t stray too far from his toolshed. In fact, other than a brief stint at college, he’s been working on DIY projects or professional woodworking since he was a teenager. If it involves handiwork and a little elbow grease, he’s your guy.