Continental Bedding Pillow Review

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Continental Bedding Pillow


Extra Firm Support: Goose down inside this side sleeper pillow from Continental Bedding provides firm support for the neck and back, with just enough softness to keep these areas comfortable during the night.
Hypoallergenic: The material this pillow is made from will not cause problems for those with allergies or other sensitivities.
Keeps Its Shape: This pillow is filled with 29 ounces of Goose down that keep the pillow perfectly fluffed and won’t flatten easily from use.
Multiple Uses: This model can be comfortably used in bed, on the couch or while traveling for cushioned support anytime.
Machine Wash & Dry: This best side sleeper pillow can easily be cleaned with cold water and dried on low heat in household washers and dryers.
No Warranty: No manufacturer warranty is included through this product purchase.
Potential Adjustment Period: Some customers have stated this model is a bit too firm and may take some time to get used to properly.

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