Price: $269.99
You save: $17.88 (6 %)
9 new from $269.990 used
  • 2-speed, thermally protected PSC motor for 2,000 - 3,000 square feet on one story
  • Precision-balanced aluminum fan blade assembly with 4 blades with CFM of 7,800/5,400
  • Joist-in/joist out installation with steel venturi for enhanced durability.It ensures CFM high and low ratings at 4600 and 3200 to effectively ventilate single story single family sized homes.
  • This unit requires a minimum of 8-10 sq. ft. of net free exhaust vent area to perform quietly and efficiently. 30-inch white, powder coated finish automatic shutter has 95% plus air closure
  • High/low/off wall switch included
  • Left Bowl Length14.9
Sufficient Power: The Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD provides enough power to cool down the entire floor, so you’re not going to be disappointed in this feature.
Steel Venturi: This fan comes with a steel venture that adds to the products overall durability, allowing it to be a one-time investment.
Great Instruction Manual: The extra tips in the instruction manual of this fan are super helpful and make the installation and use easier.
Quiet: This fan is known to be exceptionally quiet when compared to other models.
Problematic Louvres: Some reviewers have complained that the louvres occasionally get stuck, so it may make sense to keep an eye on that part.


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