Cosmo 36 Freestanding Slide-In Gas Range Review

By September 23, 2016Kitchen
Durability: This product is constructed from superb components and thus is a very durable gas range oven.
Selection: This unit offers a variety of burners including (1) 18,000 BTU, (2) 6,000 BTU, (1) 3,500 BTU. This gives you a plethora of heat selections from which to choose.
Warranty: Your investment is protected by a 2-year parts and labor warranty. This is a better warranty than most competitors offer.
Convection: This unit does not have a convection feature. If you need a convection oven, this unit is not going to be the best choice.
Cleaning: This product does not include a self-cleaning feature. This can make cleaning your oven a bit more difficult.


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