Cuisinart Fct-13 French Classic Tri-Ply Review

By September 21, 2016Kitchen
13-Piece Set : Among the 10- and 12-piece cookery sets reviewed, this Cuisinart cooking set has a refreshing thirteen pieces for added flexibility in the kitchen.
Heat Surround Technology : The pure aluminum core that’s enveloped by stainless steel on either side helps heat surround everything in the pan. Even cooking is a breeze with this set.
Cool Handles : Contoured, stainless handles provide a comfortable grip with a unique thumb rest for added control in lifting. It also keeps the handles cool, which is such a relief when spending long periods of time in the kitchen.
Versatile Performance : Use this set on everything. We’re serious. Use with confidence on stovetops, ovens, or under the broiler.
French Design : Cuisinart is made in France, and the set shows it! Beautiful handles, design, and features make this set the best on the market. Period.


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