Dell P2715Q Review

By May 27, 2016Gaming
Dell P2715Q
Connections: With lots of inputs and support for numerous devices, including smartphones and daisy-chained monitors, this is one of the most versatile units you can buy. Consider the Dell P2715Q if you find yourself using separate displays for numerous gaming devices.
SST: Unlike many IPS displays in this price range, this monitor uses Single Stream Transport, or SST. This means the display is one, uninterrupted image, instead of being split between two smaller displays. This causes less screen tearing and a clearer picture.
Color Range: This unit has an impressive display. Its brightness capabilities make it functional in any light environment and it has impressively deep blacks, essentially encompassing the entire spectrum. Coupled with an impressive color range, expect nothing less than perfection.
Durability: Some¬†customers have had issues where the display on their monitor simply stops working and won’t start again until the power cord has been unplugged and replugged.


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