Dell Precision M5510 Review

By August 12, 2016Electronics
Dell Precision M5510


Display: Despite having a smaller 15-inch display, this is a full HD laptop, with a 1080p resolution. This means your display with be incredibly high quality, allowing for minute adjustments in design programs, or the ideal media player when you aren’t studying.
Programs: This laptop will run animation programs like Maya without any issues, and Solidworks has graphics drivers for this model specifically. Consequently, these programs will run smoothly and have support for any issues.
RAM: With 8 gigs of memory pre-installed, this computer will be fast, responsive, and capable of multitasking. In addition, you won’t need to worry about pricey upgrades anytime soon, as it should be capable of running any programs needed for class.
Graphics: Nvidia’s Quadro series of graphics cards are incredibly powerful and compact, making for perfect laptop GPUs. This model in particular has been designed with engineering software in mind.
Storage: With all the files, raw data and notes that will likely build up on your hard drive, the 500 gigs of storage will likely go quickly. It’s recommended that you use cloud storage such as Dropbox or invest in a larger external drive.

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