Dewalt Dcs331M1 Review

By September 28, 2016Tools


No Vibration : The DEWALT DCS331M1 makes sure that vibration is nonexistent for the user while completing projects.
Dust Blower : This jigsaw comes with a blower that works perfectly and keeps the line of cut completely clear. Thus, efficiency is increased significantly.
Blade Brake : This jigsaw features a zero delay function when you let go of the trigger. It happens instantly, as soon as the hand is moved away from the trigger. Talk about impressive!
Blade Change : This jigsaw also features one of the easiest blade change mechanisms. Uplock the clamp on top of the device, install the blade you want, and lock the clamp. It is super easy to handle.
Insert For Zero Clearance : While the overall performance of this jigsaw is exceptional, some reviewers have complained that the insert has been poorly designed.

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