Diamondback SR910 Review

By May 31, 2016Sporting Goods

Easily Adjustable: Not only does the seat and seatback adjust on the Diamondback SR910 recumbent bike, but the handlebars and console also move in accordance to your taste. This type of customization is rare, even on higher-end models.
Accommodates All Levels: The Diamondback SR910 offers 35 programs and 32 levels of resistance that challenge even the most hardcore riders. These options allow you to vary your routine and push your goals even higher.
Media Features: Along with a USB port and quality speakers, this model also includes plug-ins for iPads, iPhones and more. It doesn’t have the capability to download or sync data from your workouts, but the Diamondback SR910 recumbent bike makes exercising more fun with its available features.
Silent Cycling: Many users of the Diamondback SR910 recumbent bike will appreciate the supreme quietness of this model thanks to its Eddy Current Brake System. Even at the highest resistance levels and cycling speeds it stays almost silent, which is great if you like watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to music or reading books while you exercise.
Limited User Profiles: With so many other high-end features, it’s a surprise this model only offers two user profiles. While this won’t be an issue for everyone, families looking to utilize this bike will have to fight over the available data storage.



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