DKnight Big MagicBox Review

By August 12, 2016Electronics
DKnight Big MagicBox


Power:  This speaker packs a punch with 20w of total output. You will be able to get any party started right and overpower your sound-crazy friends.
Long Life: Thanks to the 4000mAh rechargeable battery, you can enjoy up to 12 hours of continues listening time, which should be enough time for any reasonable party!
Ambient Lighting: While it may seem like another fun add-on, the underglow light at the base of the monitor is actually quite useful in low-light gaming environments. It’s adjustable to match the mood and makes it easier to send messages in the middle of gaming sessions.
Bass: This product has a dedicated bass port. This really makes a huge difference in the type of bass you hear and you’ll notice its power.
Compact:  The MagicBox is designed for travel. Simply throw it in your bag and you are instantly ready to enjoy your tunes anywhere you may go.
Waterproof:  This product is not waterproof, so you are going to want to avoid pools and boats, as well as any type of shower singing sessions.


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