Price: $3,624.99
5 new from $3,624.991 used from $2,895.00
Chamber: The electrolysis chamber of the Enagic Kangen Platinum is made up of 7-Solid Platinum Plated Titanium plates, so you’ll get one of the best chambers on the market.
Display: This unit has a 7 color display panel which makes it very easy to use, especially with regard to setting the unit to get the kind of water you want.
Power Efficient: This unit uses less power and thus, helps reduce the cost of electricity consumption, which is great if you’re going to be using it constantly.
Types Of Water: This unit is able to provide 5 different types of water, which should meet all of your personal drinking and cleaning needs.
Design: While the 7 color display panel makes the unit easy to use, some reviewers have complained about the unit not having a stylish design.


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