Price: $941.46
You save: $58.53 (6 %)
4 new from $941.462 used from $548.00
  • Processes include MIG (Gas), Flux Cored (No Gas), Stick and TIG
  • Flowmeter and gas hose included
  • Acceptable Electrode Diameters are up to 1/8" and some 5/32"
  • Comes with Stick and MIG set-up
  • Forney rebates available at
  • Spool gun, Tig Torch, Foot Pedal sold separately
Amp It Up: For this machine, you get a wide amperage range available on both AC and DC currents.
Weld Drive: A cast aluminum weld wire drive system eases setup and makes for more consistent feed throughout your welds.
Accessories: Another one of the benefits of this machine is that it ships with regulator and gas hose when you make the purchase.
Display: Digital display improves ability for precision control, giving you unparalleled looks into exactly what you’re doing.
Power: This machines provides up to 190A of power, which certainly expands possibilities when it comes to intensive welds.