Price: $1,999.99
1 new from $1,999.990 used
  • 15' power cord
  • Upgraded cast aluminum wire drive system
  • Dual geared idler and drive roll with better de-spooler
  • 2 euro connectors, one dedicated for a spool gun
  • Spool gun (cat #85651), Gas hose 15' with 5/8" male connections (cat #85663), argon/CO2 regulator for MIG or TIG welding (cat #85662).
Warranty: A 5-year warranty makes this MIG welder a smart choice, as you can rest assured your welder will be ready when you need it.
Versatility: This unit is capable of operating in MIG or TIG configuration.  You can do more projects in less time thanks to this capability.
Power: This product was designed to create the most powerful arc. The dual geared idler increases this products effectiveness.
Arc Quality: This unit provides excellent arc quality, as you can get a flawless weld thanks to its arc design.
Weight: This product is heavier than some of its competitors, so this can reduce mobility if you’re trying to drag it all over the place.


About the Author:

Francis K. doesn’t stray too far from his toolshed. In fact, other than a brief stint at college, he’s been working on DIY projects or professional woodworking since he was a teenager. If it involves handiwork and a little elbow grease, he’s your guy.