Ge Pgs950Sefss Profile 30 Review

By September 23, 2016Kitchen
Stylish: This unit was designed to add elegance to any kitchen. The sleek stainless steel frame creates a feeling of sophistication.
Convection: This unit comes with a convection oven feature that can reduce cook times and increase efficiency.
Cleaning: This product is able to self-clean. You simply set your stove to this setting and this unit handles the rest.
Power: 55,000 BTU of cooking power means you will be able to cook a feast without having to own a professional kitchen.
Durability: This is an extremely durable oven. It was built to high-quality standards and the craftsmanship is excellent.
Keypad: There are some complaints of the keypad acting funny from time to time. In the event of a keypad failure you would have to contact the manufacturer.

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