Generac 6001 Propane Powered Portable Generator
Price: $900.00
1 new from $900.000 used
  • Integrated propane tank holder accepts either 20 lb or 30 lb propane cylinders for flexibility, convenience and extended runtimes
  • Low-oil shutdown to the engine from possible damage
  • 30 Amp Outlet Allows generator to be easily connected to a manual transfer switch to provide integrated backup power to your home
  • Covered circuit breaker protected outlets provide overload protection and added protection from the environment
  • Folding/Nesting Handle and tank holder for compact storage
Fuel: The Generac 6001 runs on propane. Not only is propane easily available and cheap, it also has an infinite shelf life and is environmental friendly.
Large Fuel Tank: This generator’s integrated tank can accommodate up to 30 pounds of propane for extended runtimes and flexibility.
Storage: The tank holder and folding handle make storing this generator easy. Effortlessly maneuver this machine wherever you need it.
Temperature: Some users have noted that this generator is not as easy to start during cold weather as other generators.
Customer Service: Some buyers have complained that the customer service for Generac is bad.


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